Sr. Product Designer in Styria, Austria

Joined the team at Scrintal back in December 2022 ✨ Fulfilled one of my dreams to work on software within the note-taking, PKM, and TfT space. ☺️

A year ago


Product Designer, Writer, and Side-Project enthusiast - building and writing

Side Projects


I started working on Creativerly back in January 2019, so it has been my longest ongoing side-project.

Creativerly started as a weekly newsletter about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and findings from the fields of design and tech. But it evolved into a full-fledged publication consisting of the newsletter, a blog, and an interview series.

I have planned to expand Creativerly's content sections, so I can be sure to always deliver great and valuable content to my audience.



Napkin is one of the most exciting tools within the space of Personal Knowledge Management apps. It follows a unique approach to allow users to create and explore notes in a dynamic interface and magically find connections.

With this piece, I introduced a new content section in Creativerly, which is called deep dives. Deep Dives in Creativerly are long-form posts about apps and tools, delivering insights about features, workflows, and the people building them.

Writing about Napkin was pure joy. I got in contact with David Felsmann (one of the founders) a couple months ago, and we quickly connected while talking about the whole space of PKM software, ways to revolutionise the way we take and capture notes, and how the area will change and evolve over the upcoming years.

Enjoy this first deep dive, more to come!



Modern Different is a beautifully curated newsletter that helps you discover practical, beautiful, and unique products, written by Juris Kristobans.

In general, Juris shares products that can improve your home environment and help you live better, but there are also practical, useful, and unique products from different categories.

Juris asked me to share five of my personal favorite products (both digital and physical) and showcase them within Modern Different.

Click the link to see my selection of my five personal favorite products at the moment.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

At Scrintal we are building the tool for visual thinkers.

If you are tired of losing the context of your thinking and writing, if you are unable to see the details and the big picture in one place, if you have a hard time finding the relevant info you need, if you are not able to convert cluttered thoughts into organised and connected information, you should check out Scrintal, an app that combines mind mapping with the power of networked note-taking.

2019 — 2022