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A software designer helping ambitious start-ups stand out and grow through great design. 🌱 ✨

I've been practicing design for over ten years, both as a sole designer in startups and leading small teams in scaling companies.

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The biggest change to Plain, ever.

  • A completely redesigned and rebuilt interface
  • All new workflows
  • Super streamlined Linear integration

We noticed that the way our queue navigation caused you to go back and fourth between screens a lot. This added a ton of unnecessary clicks, time and frustration and prevented you from getting into the flow when dealing with a lot of customers needing your help.

We ripped up our existing navigation and merged those two views into one that gives you an overview of all the customers that need your attention, automatically take you to the next customer each time you help someone and smoothed all that out with some fancy transitions. ✨


Lots of a support teams work into the darker hours of the day so rightfully asked for a night time friendly version of Plain.

We also took this as an opportunity to clear out a lot of design debt we'd accumulated and completely rework our tokens, elevations and colours.

As part of this we also set up theming as a concept so it's now super easy to add things like high-contrast modes or additional colour themes.


Often a customer will come to you with a bug report, feature request or a technical question. These often can't be resolved immediately and need help from the larger product/engineering team.

So with this you can open a Linear issue so the rest of your team can pick up the work and that issue remains linked to the customer so they can see the original conversation and you can be notified as that issue changes status.

The focus here was on closing the loop so we bring your attention back to that customer when the Linear issue is resolved so you can share the exciting news with them!



Often we see complex and simple as opposite ends of a spectrum. We strive to create simple products and view complexity as the enemy of good design. But the reality is that it’s not that simple.


A simple approach to systematising colours ready to launch with Apples theme update.

Work Experience

2020 — 2022
2019 — 2020
Design Lead • Mobile at OakNorth Bank
2014 — 2018
2013 — 2014
Product Designer at Google Campus

Various startups