Peter Voitenleitner

Peter Voitenleitner

Designer in Germany


enjoying digital thinking and design


2024 at Hof University
Cosmo - EU Crisis Tracker

Cosmo is the idea of an "EU crisis tracker" app that enables users to follow and understand the most important political, economic and social developments in the EU.

Digitales Rathaus - Concept

Applications and forms are usually applied for and processed on site at the town hall. This can lead to a lot of bureaucracy and long waiting times. However, digitalization could simplify essential steps. The aim and idea was therefore to create a simple application on the web that can be used to register, change and log in. From there, all applications and forms can be processed using a dashboard. It should also be possible to track the current status of the process.

Vacancies in Muenchberg
Cafe Frey - A sweet seduction

The book is intended to appreciate the confectioners' craft. It is intended to present old traditions to young people and take them into a world full of sweet experiments.

Motification - Movements in Gaming

Movements in gaming have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Gaming is no longer about sitting in front of a PC and playing games. VR is shaping a new generation. A comparison of data and ways to use and visualize it.

Side Projects


Co-founded Helloweb with Jonathan Venzl.

Co-Founder at WebNow Agency

Former Co-Founder at WebNow Agency, closed 2020.


Bachelor Thesis »The Taiwan Crisis«

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Augsburg, Germany

internship @avanera as UX/UI Design

2018 — 2020
Media Designer at brockytony GmbH
Weiden, Germany
2018 — 2018
Media Designer at Eurosand GmbH
Weiden, Germany


2021 — 2024
Bachelor of Arts at Hof University
Münchberg, Germany

Studying Communication Design (1,7)

2016 — 2018
Studied at OTH Amberg-Weiden
Weiden, Germany

trade and service management

2014 — 2016
High School Diploma at FOS/BOS Weiden
Weiden, Germany

Psychology & Pedagogy