Patrick B. Gibson

Patrick B. Gibson

BSME Candidate (2023) in Portland, OR, he/him

Off school for the summer, so I'm teaching myself organic chemistry.

2 months ago


I was software developer for about a decade, but now I'm working on fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. I'm still finishing school, where I'm focusing my ME degree on physics and material sciences. I have a strong interest in carbon capture and sequestration.

Work Experience

2014 — 2019
Portland, OR

I worked on frameworks for the Mac and iOS versions of Panic's popular Transmit and Coda apps. I also worked on web services, and re-wrote the Panic web store, and other backend services.

2012 — 2014
CFO / Software Developer at Pacific Helm
San Francisco, CA

I was the CFO and token programmer at a design agency started by friends. We had a good time and did some great work for Target,, and other awesome clients.

2007 — 2011
Cupertino, CA

I worked on the iPhone build team and helped ship iPhone OS (now called iOS) 2.0 through 5.0. I also worked on build tools and other internal projects.


2021 — 2022
Portland State University

I worked as a lab assistant for a few months in a nanomaterials research lab, where I helped do graphene-based device characterization and other tasks.


2019 — Now
Portland, OR

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Minoring in Physics

2003 — 2008
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Majored in Computer Science