Patrick B. Gibson

Patrick B. Gibson

MatSci Student in San Francisco, CA, he/him


I was software developer for about a decade, but now I'm working on fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. After I finish my undergrad degree in June, I'll be attending USC to pursue a Masters degree in Materials Engineering.

I love working in strong teams with great cultures. I'm passionate about the environment and aspire to work in carbon removal.

English is my first language and French is my second. My third, which I'm still learning, is Japanese.


2023 — Now
2019 — 2023

Mechanical Engineering (Physics Minor)


2021 — 2022
Portland State University

I worked as a lab assistant for a few months in a nanomaterials research lab, where I helped do graphene-based device characterization and other tasks.

Work Experience

2014 — 2019
Portland, OR

I moved to Portland in 2014 to work at the award-winning and industry-acclaimed Mac and iOS app powerhouse that is Panic. As a flat company with major individual product ownership, I worked on frameworks that powered both Mac and iOS versions of Panic's popular Transmit and Coda apps. I later worked on web services, where I re-wrote and modernized the Panic web store, and helped out with other backend services.

2013 — 2014
San Francisco, CA

I was the CFO and lead developer at Pacific Helm, a short-run SF-based design agency. Together, we did some best-in-class design and engineering for Target's mobile app team, (acquired by Amazon), Pantone, Shots (Justin Bieber-backed mobile social network), and other awesome clients.

2012 — 2013
San Francisco, CA

I worked with some extremely talented developers helping build the company behind the massively popular Javascript framework, Ember.js. Also did great client work (iPad app development) for clients such as McGraw-Hill.

2007 — 2011
Cupertino, CA

I worked on the iPhone build team and helped ship iPhone OS (now called iOS) 2.0 through 5.0. Getting to be the DRI for iPhone OS 3.2, which was the software for the original iPad, was one of the highlights of my career. I also worked on various build tools and other internal projects.


San Francisco, CA

I gave a demo showcasing possibilities of then-newly released CoreImage framework at the San Francisco chapter of CocoaHeads, a recurring Apple-centric programmer meetup.

Vancouver, Canada

I spoke on how to effectively use collection views in iPhone apps at the Vancouver chapter of CocoaHeads, an recurring Apple-centric programmer meetup.