Patrick W Meehan

Patrick W Meehan

Fractional Design Partner in Sydney, Australia


As a neo-generalist and advocate for the power of creative intelligence, I am a designer by trade, an artist at heart, and an entrepreneur and venture architect by choice. Driven by the pursuit of creating meaningful change which adds value.

Over the past 19 years, I’ve woven together a tapestry of diverse interests, fuelled by a deep appreciation for creativity in all its forms. A journey that has taken me through various creative roles, problem spaces, organisational structures, and industry sectors. These experiences have shaped who I am today, equipping me with pragmatic skills and a unique perspective.

Now, I am stepping out of the shadows to champion the understanding and application of creative intelligence. My focus is on the dynamics of change and growth and my goal is to bridge the divide and advocate for a new era of evolved creative leadership in our post-digital world—leadership that champions diversity, evolves skills and practices, and fosters innovative behaviours.



Work Experience

2024 — Now
Founder at VALYUHNT Co.

VALYUHNT Co. is a venture building unit committed to developing the ventures and businesses of tomorrow.  Helping startups and their founders to get their ideas realised >>> and into the market.

2024 — Now
Remote is subscription based growth design service that operates on a fractional partnership in helping businesses to optimise and transform their digital ventures, product or customer experiences, service models and their internal practices.

2022 — 2023
2018 — 2022
Sydney, Australia
2017 — 2018
UX/UI Designer at Lonsec
2017 — 2017
Strategic Designer at Digi_Vest
Pyrmont, Australia
2016 — 2016
2013 — 2013
Art Director at Banjo Advertising
North Sydney Australia
2012 — 2012
Experience Designer at Cheil Worldwide
Sydney, Australia
2010 — 2012
2007 — 2010



Rethinking the functions and roles of the contemporary designer.


How a designer can understand, shape, influence and harness change.


The definable field of design (as a spectrum) is one that is pluralistic, unified, and diverse.


Sydney, Australia

Why (F)ailure should be seen as a necessary and important element to success