Pasquale D'Silva

Pasquale D'Silva

Computer Art & Design in Brooklyn, NY

taking a nap aka microdosing sleep

9 months ago

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2019 — 2020
Founder at Famera
Brooklyn, NY
2016 — 2020
Founder at Thinko Animation Studio
Brooklyn, NY
2015 — 2015
Creative Director / Product Designer at Intermedia Labs
New York, NY
2011 — 2014
Product Designer at Elepath, Inc
San Francisco, CA
2012 — 2014
CoFounder / Creative Director at Keezy, Inc
Brooklyn, NY
2010 — 2011
Creative Director at Mindsnacks, Inc
San Francisco, CA
2009 — 2009
Designer / Animator at Johnny Cupcakes
Boston, MA



“O famera president, it’s me Lohan. I call upon thy name to ask for forgiveness for being a dirty little stinker”


On that theoretical open digital sidewalk, children might want to draw stick figures of their parents, or slightly warped versions of their pets. But handing over digital ink to strangers on the internet typically leads to something known as TTD: Time to Dick.

2018 is the M.C. Escher print of websites: Its sole purpose is to charge users 99 cents to unlock a list of people who also paid the site 99 cents to look at the list of users who paid 99 cents.