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Pablo Lara H.

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Nossa Senhora da Favela
Client: Mirante do Arvrão
Products: Photography/Illustration
Date: 2020/2021
The Project Nossa Senhora da Favela (Our Lady of the Slam) had some special requirements:
1.- To create a representation of a divine being, as a Virgin or Saint..
2.- The Virgin needs to be part of the vernacular artistic symbolism of America, as in oposition of the Old Continent, but keeping some of them.
3.- The Nossa Senhora da Favela has to represent several concepts: Africa, the indigenous people in Latin America and Brazil, Daime ( Santo Daime is a syncretic religion founded in the 1930s in the Brazilian Amazonian state of Acre), Shamanism, Umbanda & Orixas, which are part of the Spiritual African legacy in Brazil, including the Iemanjá deity, goddess of the sea.
The products offered as output of the process were:
1.- One photography of Nossa Senhora da Favela..
2.- An painting, based in the photography.
Part of the considered process was the selection of the real person who will embody the character.
Daniel Graziani, owner of Mirante do Arvrão, chose Isis Maria, founder and percusionist at the social project Batucavidi (
Trailer of the Project Nossa Senhora da Favela


Bob DiGiacomo, a New York based musician, asked me to create an album cover for his new music production.
He suggested that: "...each song is like going on an adventure. I see the whole album that way too. Within each song there are moments of excitement and anticipation. Once you make it through the dark forest the scene will open onto a serene lake with peaceful woodland animals quietly sharing a drink of water. It’s always about moving forward and looking ahead to the grand possibility of the future. The title is a bit of a play on words. Without the comma it would be “Future Man” implying that I am the future man. But adding the comma “Future, Man” implies that I am imploring the audience to look ahead. The future is where it’s at!"
I took the elements of Adventure, Future and Forest to create the illustration of the album cover. I have been creating through the years a series of photographs during my visits to some cities in Europe and here in Rio de Janeiro based in the concept of Cyberpunk. I took some of them to create promotion images of the album.
The final concept was made with the technique of Photomanipulation. All the photomanipulation and colorgrading was made in Photoshop. I was inspired by the concept of cyberpunk, a time traveller and futuristic technology. The story in my head was depicting a traveller from the future visiting the Earth a long time after all humans left the planet.
The text for the title was inspired by the neon signs of the streets on cyberpunk photography in Japan.
Bob DiGiacomo's website:
You can listen the album on Spotify:…



Mid-century modern Illustration Curation of articles & illustrations for your visual pleasure. By Pablo Lara H. Feat.: #PeteBeard + Free ebook at @ani_obsessive

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Article about colorgrading like the Wes Anderson's Asteroid City.
I made four LUTs.
1.- Asteroid:
The base LUT.
2.- Bluer Asteroid:
The Asteroid LUT with bluer shades and greener lights.
3.- Junior Stargazer:
This one was made altering the Asteroid one accordingly to the footage of the gas station in the desert video I found on Pexels.
4.- Scarlett:
LUT based on the image of Scarlett Johansson on the window. A little bit greener and muddy for my taste, but it can be useful for colorgrading photos.

The video:


Coloring in the Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette film, with free 29 Color palettes I made inspired by Macaroons.


Download the 3 Wes Anderson inspired LUTS
The French Journal
The Hotel
Two versions each in four (4) different formats:
(3DL, CSP, Cube & ICC profile). 42,5 MB.
You can use it in personal or commercial projects.
Please credit me as the creator of the LUTs



A man carrying a bag is passing by the street just outside of a butcher shop very illuminated. He is almost just a silhouette. The butcher is reclined, picking something from the ground. The meat is exposed in vitrines. I loved the contrast between the light and the shadows. It showed me the epic sense of the small things. The simplicity. Title: Casa de Carnes Alentejo: a butchery in Laranjeiras neighborhood.Butchery = açougue.


In the Movement number I got my Carnaval picture featured, along with a blurb.…

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Interview about the toolkit I use: paper, apps, fonts,etc.


1996 — 1997
Santiago, Chile
  • I worked as a Legal Counselor (in civil, criminal and administrative issues of the patients).

  • I helped organize the Archive of the cases assisted.

  • I helped organize and get some donations for the Annual Literary contest of the Foundation.

Side Projects


Visually explore the last 100 items collected on Typography Resources by me. Welcome to:

Visual Typography. Alert: Full of gifs.

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Project "Art, History & Memory", program number 12 N of "Art & Part", which premiered on TC Television on July 5, 2003 (Ecuador).
Proyecto ARTE, HISTORIA Y MEMORIA, programa número 12 N de ARTE & PARTE, que se estrenó en TC Televisión el 05 de julio del 2003 (Ecuador).

I was the auctioneer of a dead man's belongings once (as an extra).
Short film: Que Viva el Muerto
Directed by: Randi Krarup
Producer: Cynthia Wrigth
Starring: Augusto Sacoto & Mariví Guarderas.
Ecuador, 2002.
© Unidad De Televisión
Casa De La Cultura Ecuatoriana


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