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oswaldo acauan

building stuff in berlin, germany, he/him

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passionate by product, people and technology 🚂





bigbluebutton.org is an open source virtual classroom designed to help teachers teach and learners learn.


a ghost.org theme based on medium.com design/ux at time.

  • 1000+ ⭐ on github.com
  • top 1 free theme in 2013 ghost marketplace
  • peek of 10.000+ unique pages using the theme

Work Experience

2020 — Now
berlin, germany
2018 — 2020
2015 — 2018
remote, brazil
  • led the rewrite of the html5 client, bringing it to up to date technologies and standards (react/es6)
  • increased overall product quality by introducing new processes like code reviews and static code analysis tools
  • foundations we have built have stood the test of time and continue to support ongoing development
2015 — 2018
  • responsible for the underlying software architecture and technologies for front-end company-wide
  • mentoring of new or less experienced developers
  • overseeing of the work being done by other engineers of the team
  • participated and supervised the end-to-end development of multiple custom applications
2012 — 2015
  • overseeing and mentoring small front-end teams for 10+ projects
  • built interfaces to handle millions of financial transactions real-time
  • led the adoption of ember.js framework across multiple front-end projects
  • reduced development costs by building high reusable and scalable ember addons
2010 — 2012
  • code and support provided through php, javascript and postgres
  • leveraged good experience with development process and practices as well experience with back-end and front-end development