Morgane Choiset — Ort[i]e

Morgane Choiset — Ort[i]e

Trainee Prompt Engineer in Toulouse, France, She/They


Freelance UX & UI Designer for several years, Morgane is currently training in Prompt Engineering with Stable Diffusion. She graduated with a double degree in Modern Literature and Multimedia in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Since then, she has continued to develop her skills in User Interface and User Experience design, as well as web development and new tools such as Figma, Spline, Fable, and Notion...



An in-depth course perfect for curious artists that want to get from zero to expert in AI image generation. No previous experience required – we'll walk you through from scratch, step by step. We'll cover everything from the basics to advanced prompt engineering techniques. By the end of the course you'll be generating your own realistic, unique, astonishing images – and you'll know why they work and how to tweak the prompt to make it do exactly what you want.


Learn how to generate images like a pro from text thanks to the artificial intelligence of Stable Diffusion


2016 — Now
Sinceny, France

Association of medieval reconstruction located in Picardy - from the 12th to the 15th century. Presence at events such as medieval fairs/festivals, also present at European events in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom (Medievals of Goch, Atlantikwall Raversyde, Provins, Soest...).
Costume creation with supporting historical research.
Holding a stand on hygiene in the Middle Ages (12th to 14th century).

2015 — 2020
Active member at "Les Façonneurs du Temps" Association
Meaux, France

Association for the creation of LARP, Medieval Re-enactment and other role-playing events -- creation of role-playing elements


  • Creation of the Logo and Graphic Charter of the brand
  • Creation and development (under wordpress) of the mobile-oriented responsive e-commerce site
  • Maintenance of the e-commerce site
  • User testing
Twitch Channel at Ortiiie

Creation of a semi-professional Twitch channel for the promotion of independent video games and the reading aloud of classic books of literature (French and English).

Ortie, la Boite (presque) zéro déchet ! at Ortie

Creation and management of a zero-waste brand of upcycled fabric accessories; research and manufacture of accessories (flat charlottes, rolled cases, etc.). Development and communication on social networks; orchestrated sales on a dedicated e-commerce site.

Webdesign & Website at Alternative Agency

Agency created as part of the tutored project. Is part of my professional experience, because we have a real client: the Appoggiature association.


Creation of the website (design and integration) of the brand "Greed&Pride" for the creator of the fashion brand Deborah Tristan


2011 — 2013
Marne-La-Vallée, France

The digital creation course prepares students to perform the functions of artistic director, interactive designer, web/UI designer, motion designer, director, graphic designer, game designer...
In this course, students will be able to mobilize a set of techniques in various fields of digital creation, while keeping the objective, in particular, of publication on the web, through the common core of the first year.

2012 — 2012
Jeonju, Republic of Korea

JBNU ISS consists of unique programs for international students to learn a wide range of topics while experiencing Korean culture by Online. Time spent at JBNU can be rewarding. Aside from the Korean culture, students will also be able to learn global current affairs by discussing and sharing ideas with JBNU students and other international students.

2007 — 2010
Paris, France

This course emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to literature. In addition to the fundamental teachings of literature which form the disciplinary base of the training (French and comparative literature, literary history, linguistics, old French, ancient languages and cultures), there is a wide choice of teachings in the field of philosophy and arts.

Work Experience

2017 — Now
Freelance at Ortiiie

Freelance contracts for the creation and development of websites, newsletters, social media content, graphic design, as well as web consulting. Clients include Cylande, Nuxe, monbuilding, Naxicap, Implicite, Esor Impossible...

2013 — 2016
Paris, France

In charge of the first UI & UX redesign of the Leboncoin Android application in close collaboration with the Mobile Dev team:
• Implementation of the new design guidelines & improvements to them
• Reflection on the UX of new application (and website) journeys & new features (internal account, messaging, professional account,...)
• AB Testing
• Interventions on the web interface and internal tools.

2013 — 2013
Paris, France

Creation and integration of mailings, creation and adaptation of web pages, creation of content (Facebook banners...), pre-sales graphics...