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Founding Product Designer
Full time
Wellness reimbursement
Mental health support
Competitive salary
Employee equity
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Patrick Rogg
Patrick Rogg
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Patrick Rogg

💼 About the Role

As our Founding Product Designer, you will lead the product discovery and design process at Yendou. You will work closely with our users to tackle visual and UX problems and drive the look, feel, and flow of our products.

Making Yendou easy and intuitive to use will be vital in achieving Yendou’s mission to accelerate the drug delivery to patients in need.

🏢 About Yendou

Yendou is the first CRM designed to help R&D Teams at life sciences companies to scale and accelerate the allocation of cancer clinical trials in clinics, globally.

You might have heard this before: It takes 12 years and $800 million to bring a cancer therapeutic to the market.

But you know what the outsiders don't know?

More than 1/3 of this 12-year timeline (4.6 years) and 22% of the clinical trials costs are spent on the process of clinical trial allocation to clinics.

To solve this problem…

We are creating the first CRM for Pharma, like Salesforce, but with a list of ready-to-go qualified prospects. No more hunting for doctors or hospitals, now they are all on Yendou and companies can shorten the selection timeline by 12 months.

📝 What are the requirements?

🥅 In this role, you will be expected to:

  • Own the entire design stack - building the Yendou design system and brand

  • Translate your design ideas into prototypes and wireframes

  • Form a deep understanding of our users, though direct communication with them to continuously improve the product for our users

  • Collaborate closely with our Engineering team & Founders to produce a beautiful and performant UI

  • Set the quality benchmark for our design work and start building up and lead our design team over the coming years

  • Make tradeoffs. We are a small team with limited resources. Sometimes this means we don't have time to build the perfect solution. That being said: We expect you to anticipate scaling, and build a design foundation that lets us move quickly

You might thrive in this role if you:

  • 3+ years of relevant experience at tech or product-driven companies

  • You enjoy collaborating as a team in a fast-paced environment. You will work closely with Engineers, our CEO, and customers

  • You are a master of your tools and have excellent visual, UI, and interaction skills

  • You like to move and iterate fast. We like to get stuff done. We don’t spend weeks planning before we execute our ideas

  • You are, or aspire to grow into a leader. As the Founding Product Designer, you will have the opportunity to build your own Designer team!

  • You should enjoy your work and have fun while doing it. Bonus points if you can create good memes 😂

🛣️ What does the hiring process look like?

We will usually respond to applicants before the end of the week, and within 24 hours of each interview.

Applicants can expect the following:

  1. Introduction call (~15 minutes): Understand your experience & motivation, and we give you the opportunity to ask questions

  2. Collaborative working session on a product and design problem (45 minutes)

  3. Onsite with Design Project (4h) in our Berlin office

  4. Chat with our CEO (~30 minutes): Evaluate cultural fit of the candidate + time for you to ask more questions

  5. Offer

At the offer stage, let us know if you want to see a demo or speak to one of our investors.

💰 What will an offer consist of?

  • A competitive salary between €80.000 - €110.000

  • Financial and administrative support with your move to Berlin

  • Interesting and challenging work

  • Equity in an early-stage startup

  • Hardware of your choice with a budget of up to 3k

  • 25 vacation days per year

  • €300 monthly budget for services of your choice e.g. gym, UberEats, Headspace, etc.