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Staff Designer
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Paid parental leave
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Unlimited PTO
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Rajiv Ayyangar
Rajiv Ayyangar

We’re beginning a new era of Product Hunt. As our first designer, you’ll be the strategic design voice as we build Product Hunt’s next chapter, and also apply your craft to make it happen.

Your challenge?

  • Learn our product inside out, learn what our users need and the problems we are trying to solve.

  • Explore and test different ways to leverage design to make Product Hunt beautiful, engaging, enjoyable and fun for our users.

  • Work closely with the CTO and CEO (me!) to co-create product strategy.

You’re our ideal candidate if

  1. You’re excited to be the first designer on the team. We have a strong brand to work from but you’re not afraid to jump in and mix things up.

  2. You don’t like to be handed a design spec - you love to participate in product discussions, pride yourself in deeply understanding the product, what our users need and pushing the boundaries to explore how different design concepts can make an impact on the user experience and engagement.

  3. You have fun testing and iterating on initial ideas and love seeing the evolution and final product.

  4. You have your design chops but you’re also known for user experience, visuals and your passion for products in the startup space.

  5. You are pumped to get out of your house and jam in person with our CEO and local team in our SF office several days a week and meet our users and community at local IRL events.

This might be an especially good fit if you've been the design cofounder of a startup, and enjoyed the close collaboration of that journey.

Note: We believe in small, mighty teams. This is an IC role on a quite flat team. Together we'll build things that have a huge positive impact on the entire startup ecosystem.