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Bask @ Power
Bask @ Power

We're looking for a product design leader who's excited to help more patients access life-changing medicine.

Seem modestly interest? Well, you should check out the links below for the full picture:

* View the full job description

* View our careers page

* View a more polished about us page

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🧬 Let's accelerate medical innovation

At [Power](http://www.withpower.com), we're making clinical trials easy to navigate for all patients.

Today, patients look to promising medical research when standard treatments have failed them. Unfortunately, there is no single source of truth that patients can understand and trust. The status quo is a government run [website](http://clinicaltrials.gov) which is written in complex medical jargon that is impossible for most people to navigate.

At the same time, clinical trials are the bottleneck on medical innovation—new medicine takes almost 10 years to test and over 86% of all clinical trials are delayed because they can't find enough patients. This is one of the biggest problems facing the life science industry.

Power is the easiest way for patients to access promising new studies. Thus helping more patients find treatments and speeding up the progress of medical research as we go.

🏹 The role

As design lead, you’ll help elevate the processes + norms present in our design org, while leading the product thinking on our patient match experience. Power’s still small & nimble, so everyone who manages here is also a direct contributor. As a result, you’ll jump in as a player-coach, mentoring our two existing designers from day one, with continued leadership as the company scales.

Tactically, in any given week you’ll spend time:

- Supporting the design team, through 1:1s with the two wonderful designers we already have at Power

- Facilitating a culture of continuous improvement, so that we’re regularly upgrading our process in pursuit of higher quality outputs

- Defining and driving research efforts to deeply understand problems in the patient discovery, evaluation, and enrollment process

- Leading all solution exploration aimed at removing this friction, while simultaneously reducing the operational-burden placed on the nurses who screen + enrol each patient

- Sweating the details by working closely with engineers to ensure that features are delivered & keeping a pulse on both qual- and quant- results post-production

🎯 About you

- You have shipped many consumer products over the years and understand what it takes to create world-class, consumer-oriented experiences.

- You’re energized by the opportunity to bob between company-level objectives and the granular, feature level minutae that define a wonderful product. Your head is in the clouds while your feet are on the ground.

- You’re both able and excited to mentor other designers; you’ve defined process at prior companies that elevated the practices of a design org.

- You’ve a track record of contributing at a strategic level to long-term planning and quarterly roadmaps.

- You’re wholly comfortable leading your own research, and take pride in not just internalizing user needs but communicating these clearly to the broader team.

- You can drive projects independently or work in a highly collaborative, x-functional manner. You naturally balance speed, craft, and business goals.

🌟Nice to haves

- You have a personal connection to the space: much of our team has close family or friends who’ve interacted with clinical research from the patient perspective.

- You have a deep familiarity with marketplace businesses, clinical research, or health tech more broadly.

- You’ve led design teams of a larger scale, and will be able to help us see around corners.

- You have some other ‘spike’ or unique strength that would round us out! We’re always looking for complementary skills & experiences.

- You like to dive into the lit in your personal life — whether it be for sleep, nutrition, supplements, or something else entirely.

🔎 The product

Power is the most patient-friendly marketplace resource for [clinical trials](http://withpower.com).

- *Comprehensive:* we make it easy to search across every trial in North America so patients never feel like they have blind spots

- *Simple:* we apply a healthy amount of data engineering and empathy to the reams of unstructured medical data on clinical trials to simplify things for patients that are trying to evaluate potential trials

- *Connected:* we help patients proactively reach out to the researchers directly and researchers love connecting with motivated patients

👋 The team

We're a team of experienced marketplace operators with backing from some of the best across health tech and pharma.

Check out our [team](https://www.withpower.com/about-us) page.