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Senior Product Designer
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Elliott Brand
Elliott Brand
Tiago Andrade

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Motion is growing fast (3x YoY), our product is sticky (120%+ Net Revenue Retention) and we recently raised $6M in seed funding. But we’re just getting started and we need your help.

We’re building a new category of software to bridge the gap between performance marketers and creative teams. Our creative analytics platform offers fast, visual reporting for Meta, TikTok, and YouTube ads to help teams understand what’s working and why.

Our customers are top ecom and DTC brands like Vuori, True Classic, The Farmer’s Dog, HexClad and hundreds more. They’ve used Motion to analyze over $3B in media spend.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for a Senior Product Designer who has excellent product research chops and the ability to power through ambiguity to find the best possible solution.

The ideal candidate isn’t going to churn out quick product designs for heavily specced features. Instead they will collaborate with the Head of Product to define areas of focus, lead user calls, build a case around a problem, and design the most effective solution. For this role, we value big and ambiguous swings that tap into the deepest user problems, rather than small iterations in user flow.

The short of it is we want you to thrive in exploring and owning pivotal, zero-to-one solutions.

As a Senior Product Designer on our team, you’ll:

  • Collaborate with our Head of Product to add to the product roadmap. We are quick to build, iterate, and not afraid to kill a project that isn’t delivering results but we want every feature to be as meaningful to our strategy as possible.

  • Own and contribute to our design pipeline; at times working independently or collaborating with our current Senior Product Designer to ensure that big swings, UI tweaks, and iterations are exceptional and ready on time.

  • Not only work on solutions, but have a key role in identifying and defining problems. We have a lean team, and expect Product Designers to also thrive at some of the work that Product Managers and Researchers would take on in large organizations.

You should be willing to work across cross-functional teams, have strong opinions about what a good MVP feels like, be at the cutting edge of technology, and embrace a willingness to work through ambiguity to design solutions from start to finish. We are a fully remote company but we still work closely as a team. We therefore need someone who can work during standard hours somewhere between UTC-5 and UTC+1.

Must have:

  • 3+ years of experience as a Product Designer, with a particular aptitude in building zero-to-one solution from the research stage to completion.

  • Having strong visual design skills is a strong plus, but we particularly want someone who has strong opinions on problem and solution, and a hunger for outputting the highest impact work.

  • A passion for new technologies and how they can guide solution, as well as an aptitude in understanding the constraints of our current tech stack and innovating around them.

  • Experience designing (and using!) products people love and use every day.

What you'll love about Motion:

  • We've found product market fit but we're still so early that you will have a major impact.

  • Our organization is product-obsessed. You’ll work closely with our Head of Product and Senior Product Designer, with a lot of freedom to explore new solutions (provided you can back it up with a clear user need). Our dev team is established enough that we can ship serious features regularly. Our team is very ambitious, super capable and low on egos.

  • We’re a tech company so we have all the standard startup benefits: Great vacation policies, health care, modern tech, home office budget etc. Space to bring your own ideas to life, on the product and the tech

  • Fully remote team with occasional international get togethers

  • You’ll be early on the team and get the opportunity to impact the way we do that. We want Motion’s impact in the creative-tech industry to be up there with the Webflows, Canvas and Figmas of the world. We have a deep understanding of the problem space through many years of tinkering in the industry. We know exactly what it’s going to take for Motion to win. We’d love for you to join us on the ride!