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Frontend Engineer
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Sean Rose
Sean Rose

Meter provides internet infrastructure for businesses. We build enterprise-grade networks that are faster, more accessible, and more secure. Our full-stack approach combines hardware, software, and operations so that any company can easily set up and run a modern network. Our long-term ambition is to evolve internet infrastructure into a turnkey utility.

About the role

Meter’s mission is to make every company more productive and secure through providing best-in-class internet infrastructure. Meter’s applications support this goal in a number of ways:

  • Meter Dashboard: Ensure the operational information exposed by Meter’s internal APIs are communicated to Meter’s customers in a way that is useful and intuitive.

  • Meter Connect: Build a modern experience for comparison shopping internet plans, think Kayak but for ISPs. Iterate on user interfaces to help customers understand what plan is best for them and make better choices. Scale the quoting process by integrating with internal and external data sources and building tooling.

We are looking for people who are excited to work on complex problems, enjoy learning and working with others, and above all, are kind and ambitious. We are building for the long term and just getting started. We'd love your help.

You might be a good fit if you have

  • Experience working with JavaScript, TypeScript, & React

  • Experience turning designs into polished products

  • The ability to go through customer requirements and build easy to use applications

  • An understanding on how important low latency and performance are to user perceptions of application quality

  • Read through third party software to understand what it does and why it’s broken

  • An awareness of best practices, but a skepticism about following the JavaScript flavor of the month

Feel free to contact me directly ( if you have any questions.