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Dan Farrelly @ Inngest
Dan Farrelly @ Inngest

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Product Design at Inngest is a fun and challenging role. Inngest is solving long standing developer problems in a novel way which means we're creating first-of-it's-kind user interfaces and experiences. You'll get to design experiences developers have only dreamed of.

Our overall developer experience spans from writing code with our SDK; to running our Dev Server for best-in-class local development; to using our cloud dashboard to monitor, observe and debug production systems. Your work will directly help design a cohesive user experience, wherever the user is along that journey.

  • The Dev Server UI is the companion to our SDK during local development. Developers use it for hours a day to get a fast feedback loop to rapidly iterate on their work. It needs to strike a balance of being informative and also streamlined.

  • Our cloud dashboard is where developers operate their production systems. They need to quickly find and debug production issues and fix them. It's monitoring dashboards & observability tools can save developers hours of investigation.

You'll collaborate with the founders and our incredible team of engineers to craft a world-class experience every developer in the world can use. From ideation to research to UX to UI to development you'll have an impact across the product development process.

While experience with dev tools or B2B products is useful, it's not required. We only require that you can ask great questions and dig into customer needs.

This role is remote, but requires at least a 4 hour working time overlap with US EDT. Ideally you live somewhere between the GMT + US Pacific time (PST) timezones

What you'll do

  • Design product features from 0 to 1

  • Iterating on existing product features based feedback and product analytics

  • Create satisfying small UX interactions as well as design broad UX flows that support a best-in-class developer experience (DX)

  • Work with customers to research requirements and validate solutions

  • Write feature specs, user stories, briefs, UX wireframes, and collect requirements for new features.

  • Work closely with engineers to deliver on features and designs.

  • Collaborate with engineers to help build our design system over time with contributions with Tailwind & Storybook.

  • Design improvements for our marketing + documentation website

What your first 90 days will look like

  • First week: You'll learn how we work as a team and our approach to growth. You'll learn about our existing design resources and approach and learn about how our users use the product.

  • By day 30: You'll be proficient with our weekly cadence of work and you'll have build a solid understanding of our product, users, and strategy. You'll have designed or redesigned a feature in one of our UIs. You'll have joined customer research or sales calls to help build product context on user needs.

  • By day 90: You'll have designed significant changes to our UX + UI that have been implemented. You'll have contributed in some form to our design system/storybook components. You'll also have contributed ideas around product and new features. We're all aligned and mutually excited about how we work together now and in the future!

What we build with

  • Design in Figma

  • Frontend's are built with Tailwind, React, Next.js, TypeScript

  • We're starting to adopt Storybook to build out the basics of a design system

  • Collaborate via Linear, Notion, Github & Discord