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Hey there! We're looking for an impact-oriented full-stack engineer to join us in NYC or Miami Beach on a mission to grow the global fashion industry. As the first engineer, you’ll build products with far-reaching global impact, shape an ambitious startup, and get founding shares with massive upside and a chance to travel & see the world.

About the startup & founder

The $2.5T fashion industry is the world’s 2nd largest employer, yet remains opaque, disconnected, and slow, hurting brands, suppliers & society. Solving these problems can create hundreds of millions of new jobs and bring the world closer together.

Our mission is to grow the industry and connect the world’s cultures. We’ll build several beautiful apps for brands & suppliers to grow their businesses, to enable the next 100,000 brands to come to life, and to build a more sustainable world.

As a founder, I’m a global citizen, know this industry like few others, and this company is tied to my life’s mission. I’m a trained fashion designer and I’ve lived the industry’s problems firsthand. I've raised capital, built hundreds of customer relationships, and defined the 1st product, so you'll hit the ground running on day one and have a front-row seat working alongside me.

Role mission

Take the CUT & SOLD product rapidly from Zero to One and set us up to go from One to Scale.

The 1st product is defined; prototyping is underway, and customers are ready to go.

Role outcomes

  • Within the first two weeks: Understand customers, product vision & UX goals. Define technical vision, decide on the right tech stack and initiate build.

  • Within 45 days: Talk to customers, learn the industry, Build v1 using prototypes.

  • Within 90 days: Launch MVP to into a private beta with design partners.

  • Within 1st year: Grow team, expand/improve product across web & mobile to prepare for broader global launch. Build internal apps maximizing low code tools like Retool.

  • Always talk directly to users around the world to collect & implement feedback in rapid loops, sometimes in person with them in their country.

  • Achieve application reliability and stability through test-driven development & testing.

  • Lead & set the tone for engineering team hiring & culture.

About you

  • You have 2+ yrs of full-stack coding experience building products end-to-end and love owning a codebase top to bottom.

  • You’ve either worked at early-stage startups and/or you’re a tinkerer-builder, often hacking products on your own or with friends.

  • You’re a product-minded engineer and care deeply about the customer and the business.

  • You want your code to have a global impact and you’re a self-motivated super hard worker.

  • You’re proficient in a front-end framework (e.g. React) and at least one back-end stack (e.g. Python or Node.js), or a full-stack framework like Next.js.

  • You have experience in cloud deployments (AWS, GCP, Azure) and CI/CD practices

  • You're able to provide references to projects that have shipped, including any side projects

  • You’re excited to work in person in high-energy NYC and beautiful Miami Beach and to travel around the world.

Bonus points if you:

  • Have an eye for design and/or a sense of craftsmanship.

  • Have prior experience in B2B SaaS, fashion tech, or e-commerce.

  • You’re a curious world citizen with empathy for other cultures and/or speak 2+ languages.

What's in this for you

  • Global impact: Redefine the industry that dresses humanity and supports 400M jobs, 500k suppliers in 150 countries, and 1M+ brands. Your work will have far-reaching impact.

    • As a bonus: you’ll get to travel and see the world.
  • Comp & upside: Salary and health benefits + significant founding employee shares (not options) with massive upside in an ambitious long-term company.

    • Up to $8k relocation bonus if you need to relocate to NYC or Miami.
  • Mission & values: Work with a mission-driven founder and a stellar global team, and help shape the company’s culture for those that come after you.

Core values

  • Unflinching Optimism. Let’s make this world even better.

  • Global DNA: Think, act, be global from day one.

  • Respect the domain. Study it and learn from others to master it.

  • 1st generation immigrant mindset. Work hard, don’t take anything for granted.

  • Honest trade & commerce. Act with integrity.

  • Bring beauty into the world. Let our products reflect the beauty of the industry we serve.

  • Arm the makers. Free them up with great technology to do what they do best: CREATE.

  • Customers, customers, customers. Always start with the customer first.

How to apply

If this role excites you, please send me a note at with a bit about you, your Github URL, your LinkedIn, why you want to work on this with me, and anything else relevant.