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Senior Product Designer
Full time
Paid parental leave
Healthcare benefits
Employee equity
Competitive salary
Flexible schedules
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Nefaur Khandker

Hey there.

At Clay, we believe in empowering the growth of every business. We’re on a mission to help teams grow their customer base by finding and reaching out to the right people.

Navigating the world of go-to-market data is a complex task involving data aggregation, transformation, and automation. We believe better software enables teams to become more effective in creatively seeking and reaching out to the people that matter. We are building a new type of data workflow tool that allows any team to find the right data, craft custom workflows, and automate their go-to-market strategy. We like to think of Clay as a composable canvas that unlocks power and creativity for growth-focused teams.

Building a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that enables complex data aggregation, transformation, and automation is no easy feat. It takes a huge amount of creativity, discipline and attention to detail. It also takes a team of brilliant minds, collaborating, supporting and learning from each other.

👋🏿👋🏾👋🏽👋🏼👋🏻At Clay, we hold two things to be true as we grow our team — hiring is more about the person and less about the description; diverse teams build the strongest, most meaningful products. We are committed to building a team that reflects these beliefs, and cannot wait to speak with you.

Product Design @ Clay

We believe that not enough design thinking has gone into the tools we use to build software. That means that most teams work across a clunky mix of tools and spreadsheets, stuck in monotonous cycles with lots of manual work. You will help us change that.

As an early designer, you’ll get to apply a unique blend of design and product knowledge to re-imagine how working with data in Clay should, and could, feel.

Questions We're Asking & Exploring

  • What are the best to deliver value to our customers and how could they impact our business?

  • How can we design a flexible architecture that scales across the features we need to develop to grow our business?

  • For example: how can we continue supporting people who want to configure individual enrichments, while also building out the infrastructure to run entire workflows automatically?

  • How can we onboard users around a specific use cases and then iteratively introduce them to new capabilities?

  • For example: if customers purchase a lower tier, how can we help them discover and understand how features in higher tiers might provide value?

  • How do we create abstractions and interfaces that are easy to understand for non-developers?

  • For example, how can we illustrate when actions in a workflow are happening in parallel vs. happening sequentially?

  • How do we let people move fluidly between the different parts of Clay’s product, creating a seamless experience that sparks delight?

What You'll Do

  • Design & ship core features. Design and maintain core features and infrastructure. Given the size of the team, you will be working across the entire product and will have lots of responsibility.

  • Collaborate & learn. Partner with the rest of our team, communicate openly, give & receive thoughtful feedback, and learn from people who excel in their areas of expertise.

  • Take ownership. We're focused on building a high-trust, ownership focused environment where everyone aims to define what they think is most important to work on, and drive initiatives forward.

  • Interview users, analyze feedback, help prioritize the roadmap. Set up, run, and synthesize learnings from user research studies to help inform what use cases and improvements we should focus on.

  • Design & prototype novel interfaces. You'll rethink how we can make certain aspects of building software more intuitive to users, which requires you to deeply understand what building software looks like today. This could involve quickly building lightweight prototypes to explore novel interaction patterns that make building software efficient and intuitive.

What You'll Bring

  • Clear design process. You can identify the right problems to solve, consider multiple solutions, and speak intelligently about tradeoffs. You develop personal and shared processes in service of a shared higher-level goal, not just for the sake of having a process.

  • Excellent communication & collaboration. You’re able to consider different levels of abstraction so your ideas land with your audience. You default to visual communication, but also have excellent verbal and written communication skills. You’re organized and comfortable with both synchronous and asynchronous communication.

  • Systems thinking. You can break down complex problems and expose simple interfaces for accomplishing difficult tasks. You see patterns that repeat across the product and are able to abstract them into common interactions. For example, if we auto-fill the best values into certain fields in the product, how can we adapt the same functionality across contexts into the rest of the product?

  • Ability to deliver pixel-perfect designs. You care about coming back to something again and again until "it feels right", and you inspire your engineering partners to have the same level of care.

  • Thinking in interactions, not static screens. You embody the belief that software is not a set of static screens, but rather a responsive system that evolves over time. You deeply understand the nuances of designing for such a medium.

  • A customer-focused approach to design. You’re constantly empathizing with customers and checking back in to make sure we're delivering intuitive value.

  • 6+ years experience in a relevant role.

Working @ Clay

Based out of a central office on 5th Ave in Manhattan near Union Square. We're big on taking care of our team and always excited to hear different ideas that can help us to do this better.

  • Competitive salary and role trajectory. Roles, responsibilities, and comp grow as we do.

  • Health insurance. Fully funded, high quality health, dental & vision coverage.

  • Visa sponsorship. We get it - it's an arduous process, but we're not scared of it.

  • Flexible schedules and paid time off. We ask team members to take at least 2 weeks fully-disconnected per year, with a flexible vacation policy beyond that.

  • Mental health. We're currently building a plan to help you find coaches, mentors & mental-health services.

  • Annual company retreats. This past year we took our roadmap exploration to Costa Rica.

  • Personal comfort. Order whatever equipment you think will help you work more enjoyably.

  • Remote work. Though we prefer people being in-person.