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Jonathan Libov
Jonathan Libov


We enable the world to teach and learn through memes. Not because social media is fun, but because memes are the shortest form of storytelling that humans have yet invented.

We didn't create Antimatter, we discovered it. There already numerous 10K-1M+ learning meme communities on the internet, and teachers everywhere use them in the classroom to have students demonstrate what they've learned.


  • You aspire to own an entire product, hire and lead a team, and 10x as a designer and operator.

  • You have built or managed a learning, creative-tooling or gaming platform that touches millions of users.

  • You want to have a world-thumping impact on how people learn.

  • You are on a mission to make a positive impact. We're here at Antimatter because there's nothing we'd rather do than making people smile and laugh while they grow as learners and as humans.

  • You don't care about impressing other designers.

  • You are a warm person that other people like to work and be with.

  • You’re eager to work with colleagues who will challenge you.

  • You want to build a great product so badly that you’re eager to talk to as many current and future users that you can.

  • You love to learn so much that you’re going to dedicate the next chapter of your life to helping millions of people learn more effectively and enjoyably.

Your mission over the first two years

  1. Help our learning platform grow. Inasmuch as Antimatter is harnessing a massive amount of energy that's already being poured into learning memes on the internet and in the classroom, our challenges as a company are primarily design challenges.

  2. Increase our velocity. We pride ourselves on clarity, decisiveness and speed, and as our lead thinker and planner you'll play the most vital role in increasing our velocity.

  3. Build a team. This role is for an accomplished IC or manager who is ready to take the next step and build a design team.


  • We offer competitive salaries, and for this role a substantial equity position.

Our Values & Principles

  • We work hard because each of our individual goals are to 10x in our craft, have a large, positive impact and enjoy the ride

  • Aligning flow state with responsibility. We hire people whose flow states align with what we need from a role.

  • We trade in fully-formed ideas. We come well-prepared to each decision.

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