Oli Harris

Oli Harris

Design Director & Co-Founder in UK


Hey 👋🏼 I'm Oli, a freelance designer based in the UK. I combine my experience in product and brand to solve problems, tell stories, and create compelling experiences.



Work Experience

2023 — Now
2017 — Now

• Founder of OH.STUDIO, an independent design studio based remotely.
• Specialising in forward-thinking brand identities and bespoke digital products.
• I work collaboratively with agencies and companies, big or small, to deliver outstanding brands, digital products and experiences.

2022 — 2022

• Lead the design system of National Bank of Kuwait's bank cards
• Reimagining how their cards look in the physical and digital world
• Working in collaborating with a global team

2021 — 2022

• Product design for seed-level and early-stage SaaS companies.
• Leading a collective team of designers across Europe and US timezones.
• Running weekly sprint meetings with various stakeholders.
• Developing design solutions for complex problems across all levels of fidelity, from wireframes through to prototypes and production-ready designs.

2021 — 2021

• I worked with R/GA to deliver digital design work for Nike in collaboration with a ICoachKids.
• I developed the visual direction for a global brand campaign for the Refugee Olympic Team at the 2020 Olympics.

2021 — 2021

I worked alongside the team at AKQA to deliver a new brand visual language for World Gold Council across digital comms.

2020 — 2021

• I worked alongside the team at AKQA to deliver a new brand visual language for HERE Technologies.
• I developed a design language that translated into their new D2C mobile map application.

2019 — 2019

I worked alongside the team at UI Centric to redesign Channel 5's My5 app across Mobile and TV.

2013 — 2017

Side Projects


I've been working on a side-project called OH.SUPPLY. It's a space to share design resource to help other designers — starting with an icon pack with over 200+ icons.