Dan Nisttahuz

Dan Nisttahuz

Designer in Tokyo, he/him


Greetings from Dan the Man 👋

With over 15 years of experience in product and motion design, I seamlessly merge technology and artistry due to my engineering background and passion for design.

My unwavering commitment to pixel-perfect results is a testament to my dedication. I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects, including those featured on Product Hunt and other prominent platforms, demonstrating my ability to turn the impossible into reality. Whether working independently or collaboratively, I bring a wealth of experience and a cooperative spirit.

I'm equally comfortable working solo or in a team, and I'm a true team player. Outside of work, I'm a dedicated Apple fan, an avid traveler, and a passionate photographer and videographer. These interests fuel my creative spirit.

Beyond design, I'm an avid enthusiast of 3D design, particularly in Cinema 4D, where I love crafting extraordinary creations. I'm eager to join your team, infusing innovation and fresh perspectives to drive your organization's success.



Animation can make data more comprehensible, engaging, and useful, especially on mobile. When animating data visualizations, designers should use motion design principles—and avoid common pitfalls.



As a motion and animation workflow platform specialist, LottieFiles is simplifying motion and animation workflows for users around the world, Unlocking new realms of possibilities across media, marketing and gaming. Recently, it has selected Korea, which is growing rapidly, as its first overseas market, actively supporting domestic users and communities, and presenting a new paradigm for motion graphics.

In this regard, Daniel Nistahuz, the chief designer of LottieFiles, introduced LottieFiles business status in the Korean market through an interview with CAD&Graphics and introduced its future strategy.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
  • UserResearch&Insights™
  • DesignSystemDevelopment™
  • PromoVideoCreation™
  • DesignConcepts&Prototypes™
  • Cross-functional Collaboration™
  • StakeholderPresentations.
2021 — 2022
(Remote) Tokyo, Japan
  • Product & Tech Promotion.™
  • Education Department Leadership.™
  • Content Creator.™
  • Design Technologist.™
  • Design Team Mentorship.™
  • UX optimization through data analysis and testing.™
  • Stakeholder communication and feed back integration.
  • Keepingupdatedonindustrytrendsandtools.
2021 — 2021
Tokyo, Japan
  • Lead Product Designer for SAAS internal platform.
  • Cross-functional Design Strategist.
  • Design Technologist.
  • User research and persona creation.
  • Wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs.
  • Collaborated with developers and product managers.
  • Design system maintenance and adherence.
  • Mentorship of junior designers.
2017 — 2021
(Remote) Tokyo, Japan
  • Developed course content for the D+C platform.
  • Produced promotional videos for courses and products.
  • Edited course videos for improved quality.
  • Designed device mockups for the Angle library.
  • Improved visual design and user experience.
  • Produced marketing materials for the company.
2014 — 2019
La Paz, Bolivia
  • Instructed Visual Design fundamentals.
  • Delivered foundational concepts of animation.
  • Instructed UI/UX, including components and systems.
  • Taught design tools like Figma, Framer and Principle.
  • Imparted various presentation techniques.
2014 — 2017
La Paz, Bolivia
  • Led cross-functional teams.
  • Created prototypes for web and mobile.
  • Collaborated on company strategy.
  • Prioritized user-friendly design.
  • Managed design systems.
  • Fostered cross-team collaboration.
  • Mentored team members.
  • Stayed current with industry trends.
  • Presented effective design strategies.
2011 — 2014
La Paz, Bolivia
  • Art Direction & Team Leadership.
  • Animation System Development.
  • Visual Art for Interfaces.
  • Marketing Campaigns.
  • Design System Development.
  • Develop visuals for web and mobile interfaces.
  • User-Centered Design.
  • Brand Development.
2011 — 2011
Cameraman & Video Editor at Raven Studios
Santa Ana, California, United States
  • Web designer and animator.
  • Cinematography.
  • Video Editing: Pre and Post-production.
  • Shoot Management.
  • Organization, planning, storyboarding & shoot execution.
  • Worked closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions.
  • Maintained and operated video equipment.
2010 — 2010
Seoul, Korea
  • Marketing Material Design.
  • Partnership Building.
  • Global Event Coordination.
  • Visual Communication.
  • Problem-solved with cross-functional teams.
  • Illustrator.
  • Creative Collaboration.
  • Brand Development.
2007 — 2010
Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Regional Marketing Art Direction.
  • Illustrative Media Production.
  • Workshop and Event Coordination.
  • In-App Graphics and Brand Promotion.
  • Front-End Web Development.
  • Comprehensive Book Creation.


2010 — 2012
Paris, France
  • Développement web
  • Ergonomie / UX Design
  • Design Graphique et Webdesign
  • Motion Design