Rija Nifaliana

Rija Nifaliana

Software Engineer (Fullstack JS), he/him/his


::: With +4 years of experience in IT industry, I am a seasoned Tech Lead and Software Engineer dedicated to driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions :::

Work Experience

2023 — Now
  • Assist the technical team in recruitment by enhancing the reach of our job offerings, conducting technical interviews with candidates, and designing tailored technical tests for their specific skill sets.
  • Utilize industry-leading tools to maintain a high level of service availability.
  • Perform thorough code reviews to maintain code quality and consistency.
  • Implement best development practices such as test-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment to ensure maximum efficiency and agility.
  • Integrate with APIs and applications of other government departments or partner organizations.
  • Mentor team members to enhance their skills and promote professional growth.
  • Develop, compile, test, and deploy software across multiple platforms.

Stack: Assana, React/Next, GraphQL, Apollo, RTK /Tanstack Query, bit.dev , Module Federation , MFE, Typescript, XROAD (Estonia), Keycloack, Strapi, SSO, Playwright

2023 — Now
Paris - France (Remote)

Senior FrontEnd Engineer

  • Comprehend user requirements in collaboration with Product Owners.
  • Contribute across the entire design and development lifecycle (considering functionalities, architecture, development, deployment).
  • Suggest and execute solutions, deliver, and oversee them in a production environment.
  • Implement solutions while adhering to sound development practices to enhance the development experience.

Stack: React, Typescript, Redux, Redux toolkit, RTK Query, SurveyJS, Storybook, AntDesign, Styled Component, Stanza XMPP, Playwright, React DND, React Flow, SSO

2022 — 2023

Fullstack Developer

  • Working closely with the Product Manager, QA, and three other skilled developers.
  • Developing the Scheduled Meeting feature via Zoom integration within the platform.
  • Creating the Cron service to manage scheduled tasks effectively.
  • Configuring the Chat Messaging service using getStream.
  • Building the Calendar service to handle events, holidays, and meetings on the platform.
  • Integrating interactive Map functionality through ReactFlow.
  • Automatically generating interactive organizational charts using ReactFlow, D3.js, and Dagre JS from platform data.
  • Establishing the Shop and Coin services to manage the e-commerce store and the platform's currency-based points system.
  • Implementing the Mail service to facilitate email sending using RabbitMQ & SendGrid.
  • Setting up GraphQL Subscriptions on the backend.

Stack: React, Typescript, Redux, Apollo Graphql, Redis, Jest, Storybook, Material UI,Docker, AWS

2021 — 2023
  • Collaborate with the Head of Engineering to assess project complexity.
  • Identify potential roadblocks and proactively seek optimal solutions.
  • Take responsibility for the development of high-risk and strategic components (including architecture, initial structure, and experimentation).
  • Aid the project manager in estimating project costs and determining required resources.
  • Ensure adherence to delivery deadlines.
  • Oversee project development, task allocation, and code reviews.
  • Provide guidance, motivation, and mentoring to the development team.
  • Contribute to recruitment efforts in conjunction with HR and the Head of Engineering.
  • Participate in developer evaluations alongside the Head of Engineering.
  • Add value to project management by analyzing project needs and technical constraints.
2021 — 2023

Fullstack JS Developer

  • Conduct project estimation and feasibility assessments, including cost and technical considerations.
  • Collaborate closely with the Product Manager and CTO to define technical specifications and design data models for new features.
  • Enhance React components to enable seamless dragging, drawing, and displacement of entities.
  • Transition front-end states from Redux to Apollo Client.
  • Maintain and enhance existing features for improved performance

Stack: React, Material UI, JEST, Docker, AWS, GraphQL, Apollo

2019 — 2021

Software Engineer

  • Oversee a team of trainees (comprising 6 individuals) while championing Symfony best practices and React standards.
  • Directly engage with customers to comprehend requirements and address technical issues.
  • Manage the migration and refactoring of React code, transitioning from Class Components to Functional Components.

Stack: React, SASS, Bootstrap, Jest, Symfony, Webpack, JQuery



A frontend workshop for building UI components and pages in isolation


2019 — Now

Recognized for expertise in technology and invited to share insights as a speaker and distinguished Google Developer Expert

2016 — Now

The community of free, local coding clubs for kids and teens



DevFest is an annual decentralized tech conference hosted by the Google Developer Groups (GDG) community. GDGs host these events around the globe


The Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East

The projet : Universal health passport in the form of a QR code integrated into a card or bracelet, along with a secure online platform using blockchain technology.


The "Sustainable Development Goals," developed in just seventy-two hours, an application dedicated to cleaning coastlines.


Engaged in Orange Madagascar's Mobile App Challenge, aimed at crafting an innovative app for the Tecno N11 smartphone to improve citizens' lives in healthcare and agriculture.


An event hosted in collaboration between the Ministry of Telecommunications and Huawei resulted in the creation of a mobile application that consolidates comprehensive course materials for high school students.



Solid foundational knowledge of GraphQL and the Apollo tool suite to design a schema, run an Apollo Server, and perform queries with Apollo Client on the frontend.


2019 — Now
Master - Computer Science at ENI