Nick Souza

Nick Souza

UX/UI Design in Indianapolis, Indiana


I solve problems through design, creating end-to-end solutions.





Empire BIM is a 3D virtual construction company. They construct 3D environments based on project blueprints.

  • Designed in Figma

  • Built in Framer

Hi-Fi at Personal Project

Hi-Fi is an app I created that allows individuals that love vinyl to collect, connect, and sell their record collections.

Mobile App at ONE

ONE is a financial service app that allows individuals to spend, save, and grow their money all in one place. I updated the app to include tools for freelancers and better ways to categorize your spending.

  • Designed in Figma

  • Prototype in Figma

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Product Designer at Freelance

Designed & implemented email marketing campaigns that resulted in a consistent 10% click through rate CTR.

Optimized company website to improve user experience increasing engagement by 17% and reducing bounce rates to 32%.

Reduced design budget by $12,000 leading user research efforts to create user personas, customer journey maps, and collect feedback by utilizing technology that creates heat maps to track mouse behavior.

Attended webinars, online classes, workshops, & conferences to improve design skills, stay up to date on technology & tools, and collaborate with other designers on industry trends.

2021 — 2023
Service Designer at ONE

Organized and labeled an in-house Design System comprising 50 custom icons and 500 components, variants, and variables for easy access and implementation for web designs and mobile designs for iOS and Android.

Designed and developed an interactive app prototype in Figma for ONE due to agents being outside the United States without app access — reducing interaction time by 30% and increasing customer satisfaction by 13%.

Spearheaded creating and managing a knowledge management database with 3000 support articles, leading to a 21% reduction in average query resolution time for internal and external customers.

Optimized communication between teams with automation using no-code solution Coda to deliver troubleshooting resources, improving the resolution of issues upon first contact by 15%.

Marketed on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, which resulted in the highest record engagement of 5,000 users since the company's launch.

Facilitated user research and usability testing at ONE with internal and external customers to enhance the user experience for support services. This resulted in ideating, designing, and implementing a comprehensive training curriculum, strengthening the skills of 500 BPO agents across three countries, resulting in a 14% decrease in onboarding time and a 23% increase in resolving issues upon first contact.

2008 — 2021
Lead Genius at Apple

Organized and managed a repair system to provide same-day repair availability, allowing the team to achieve a record 500 software and hardware repairs.

Established goals and evaluated team members to mentor and develop competencies based on “For Your Improvement” practices for ongoing individual and team development to set up for success in later positions.

Designed and built a trigger-based resource for Apple employees world-wide, contributing to an 11% increase in AppleCare sales within the first quarter of implementation.

Introduced new repair procedures as one of only 10 qualified technicians selected to assist with back-log of Mac repairs by 40% at Apple repair facility in less than 30 days.

Led a team and was recognized with a company issued Ovation Award for outstanding customer service, sales, and repairs out of 460 stores world-wide.



2023 — Now
Design Thinking Advisory Board Member at Saint Joseph's College

Quarterly meeting to assist designing curriculum to promote well-rounded graduates in the industry and assist in shaping the future of the UX industry.

Benchmarked other curriculums to design and build curriculums for students.

Discovered ideas on latest design trends and practices - reading, technology, tools, communication, etc.

2023 — Now

Provide support as a “stand in” cousin, brother, friend, etc. to members of the LGBTQ community that were abandoned by their given family and provide them a chosen family.

Participate in graduations, career advice, extra members of a wedding party or any life events.

Offer a point of contact for affected individuals to contact me and support them emotionally in all life events via email or SMS messaging 24/7.



Learn to build websites and prototypes using no code tool Framer.