Nick Noble

Nick Noble

Removing work between the work in Brooklyn, NY, He/him


In the past, I’ve been a waiter, designer, coder, fry cook, advisor, calligrapher, manager, make-up artist, speaker, sculpter, printer, actor, furniture mover, high school teacher, and just about everything in between.

All of these jobs have one thing in common: an absurd amount of extra steps between you and what you woke up for. If that time could be freed up, there would be so much more space for potential and innovation, which would've otherwise been lost.

My aim is to make the world a better place by removing that “work between the work” for as many people as possible.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Brooklyn, NY

Buidling a company that designs companies.

2022 — 2023
Senior Director, Integration & Brand at Barrington Media Group

(Post acquisition of Thesis)

2018 — 2022

2019 — Head of Design
2018 — Lead Front End Engineer

2014 — 2018
Brooklyn, NY

Built flagship websites, products, and identities from scratch, for brands known and unknown.

2011 — 2018
New Orleans & NYC

I worked in the art department, creating large volumes of branding, signage, interactive, and print materials for film & television props, locations, and titling.

2014 — 2014
2012 — 2013

Side Projects


I've wanted to build a command-line themed tarot reader for a long time, and it turns out it was a perfect project to learn OpenAI's APIs.


I love TTRPGs, especially Quest and, of course, D&D5e. I'm building a platform of small tools to help DMs run games.


Design Signals at Thesis
Brooklyn, NY

Walking through design fundamentals of space, type, and color, with an atomic lens: every detail is a signal within a greater communication.

The Work Between the Work at Notion NYC
First Round Capital

Work between the work comes up any time you find yourself putting effort into something that's not your core mission – you can reduce this through transparent process and a culture of documentation, with tools like Notion.

Color for Web Designers at Front End Party
New Orleans


ADG Nomination from The Art Directors Guild

For contribution to excellence in production design for a period feature film, The Irishman


2018 — 2018
Adjunct Educator at Baltimore School for the Arts
Baltimore, Maryland

Conceptualized and launched an innovative curriculum for high school arts students, introducing them to fundamental coding and computer science principles as tools for design and narrative development.





Meduza Labs


2007 — 2010
Theatre Technology at Baltimore School for the Arts