Neba Hartman

Neba Hartman

Digital Designer/Director in Belgrade, Serbia


Hi there. My name is Neba, and I am a Digital Art Director based in Belgrade, Serbia, with over 15 years of experience in crafting aesthetically pleasing and meaningful digital experiences across various touchpoints. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to the digital realm, consistently delivering impactful creations. My greatest passion is sharing knowledge with brave people and passionate teams that know and understand the importance of a great visual foundation.



REDVERETX has made quite a name for itself, particularly in the realm of 3D Architectural Visualizations within the real estate industry. With over a decade of experience in architectural studios, they've consistently delivered outstanding results. Known for their boldness, creativity, and infectious energy, the team passionately thrives on crafting visual excellence.

Having recently joined as the Digital Art Director, my role kicked off with the exciting task of developing a robust and distinctive Brand Strategy and Identity for REDVERETX. The goal is to propel the company to new heights, leveraging our innovative services that we've introduced to the market. It's a journey filled with creativity and a commitment to taking visual greatness to the next level.


I have created a complete Brand Identity & Website Design and Development for the Miss Universe Romania while I was a part of Umbrella Marketing Agency team and with co-op from Romanian part of Leo Barnet's marketing team.


I was part of SKS365 marketing team to create entire digital and print design for our Serbian National Soccer team platinum sponsorship in 2018 World Cup. We did everything from landing pages, SMM designs for various channels, to brochures, custom tickets envelopes, TV commercials, player photoshoots, posters, flyer and billboards.

Side Projects


In the enchanting realm of marketing, where creativity meets strategy, emerges the Human Centric Marketing Agency – a collective of passionate visionaries, marketing strategists, and seasoned MBA lecturers. My task was to create another amazing webdesign project which will become a founding stone for our future collaboration as they hire me to help them with their other clients similar requests.


Arch Visuals is a specialized company that creates high end architectural visualisation, branding, design and website development dedicated to the real estate industry. As architects and designers, they are eager to translate your dreams into visual story that makes a strong connection between homebuyers and investors. I was part of the initial team that formed this startup, with the role of Digital Art Director. We formed everything from digital strategy, sales strategy, brand identity to company website.


IDJ Digital is a member of Merlin, Impala and Runda and has direct partnership with all the major digital content platforms and streaming services including google, youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok, spotify, deezer, apple, tidal, amazon and over 50 other platforms. My task was to create next level website design for them, which eventually became their entire new digital direction for SMM.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2020 — Now
2021 — 2022
2019 — 2020
2019 — 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
2018 — 2020
Belgrade, Serbia
2011 — 2018


2007 — 2011
DipHE in Graphic & Web Design at Belgrade Politechinca
Belgrade, Serbia
2001 — 2004
High School Diploma, Computer Numeric Control at Belgrade Politechnic Academy
Belgrade, Sebia