Nate Dunn

Nate Dunn

Full-stack web developer in Mexico City, he/him


I'm a full-stack web engineer, building products with a careful eye for design and user experience. I'm originally from Phoenix, but now based in Mexico City.



Side Projects


An exploration of lists and how they can be made more fun, engaging, and sharable.

Tech used → Next.js, Neon, tRPC, Typescript, Tailwind, Vercel.


Build a custom bash script to install and update your Mac's applications and dependencies.

Tech used → Next.js, Tailwind, Styled Components, Vercel, Bash.

Work Experience

2021 — 2022

Lead a team of in-house engineers and contractors to develop, deploy, and maintain web products for various clients.

Additionally worked with our internal design team to create new design systems, components, and web brands for clients.

Tech used → Next.js, Astro, Tailwind, GraphQL, Typescript, MySQL, headless CMS's, Figma, Linear

2014 — 2021
Web engineer & designer at Frontiers

Lead the team to design and develop internal products, including our brand new donor application. Also lead the team to design and developed a successful relaunch our main marketing website.

Additionally worked with our marketing team to create nearly a dozen successful fundraising campaigns.

Tech used → Laravel, PHP, React, Wordpress, Figma

2012 — 2014
Phoenix, AZ

Worked with clients to create marketing websites and assets for their needs. Some solutions also involved other mediums such as print and emails.