Moritz Krause

Moritz Krause

Interaction Designer & Research in Germany, He/Him


I enjoy designing, tinkering & prototyping to improve well-being and sustainability.


Motion at Hof University // iisys

»Motion« is a project with the goal of capturing and analyzing board-activity data and anything close to that topic— Fingerskateboard, Pumpfoil, Surfing and regular skating. We are developing a sensoric device, which, together with camaera based AI pose-estimation, hopefully grants us insights to these complex physics and movements.


Screens are becoming increasingly present in our society. While it is almost impossible to imagine a daily life without screens, science makes clear that as screen usage and time increase, our psychological well-being suffers.

The "HomeGrid" smart home concept has been developed to address the question of how information can be intuitively conveyed with a reduction of traditional screens in the private environment.

For this purpose, the capturing and communication of natural and artificial lighting was experimented with, and on the other hand the precise measurement and visualization of the room air quality. These factors are essential indicators of our psychological and physical well-being, since for example high air quality enormously increases concentration capacity and light is the most important indicator of our biological rhythm.


Loosing cities is a project about how we are going to manage the very restricted space in urban areas in the future. How we will keep cities affordable and create places where people feel good living in. Sharing space is one key aspect which ne need to improve to prevent cities from expanding for ever on and occupying space that could otherwise be used for example for agriculture.


An open-source project featuring a digital interface designed to make hydroponic systems accessible to everyone.


Meadow is an interactive display, with focus on plants and flowers in a special area in Bavaria. Climate is changing and that's as a matter of fact quite bad for everyone. We are trying to visualize and concretize those dangers, by making digital flowers and plants react to weather data and furthermore to gestures of the user standing infront of the screen. This will serve as a protoype for an upcoming museum in Bavaria.


Exhibit project for the Forest Experience Center Mehlmeisel. Visitors can learn about sustainable furniture production on our website, which can be navigated by a rotating tree trunk.

Side Projects


What actually started as a semester project has developed into a small startup. Together with Moritz Krause, we are now trying to rethink hydroponic systems beyond our semester and make them more accessible.



»Refactoring Smarthome« Bachelor Thesis

Thesis regarding the HomeGrid Project. Official Title:
»Refactoring Smarthome – Exploring new forms of information communication and its presentation and communication modes through Smart Home devices and interfaces«

Work Experience

2018 — Now
2022 — Now


2019 — Now
Bachelor of Science at Hof University
Münchberg, Germany

Studying Communication-/Media-design