Mohammed Yarroum

Mohammed Yarroum

Designer in Gothenburg / Sweden


Interdisciplinary designer and Webflow expert from Sweden. I craft thoughtful designs through branding, interaction design and web development.



Frida Wiig is a versatile 3D artist who needed a new portfolio, and I had the chance to design and develop it.

Apart from establishing a CMS system for her case studies, our strategy included integrating a blog to present side projects and share insightful content.

Additionally, I provided her with a framework and Figma templates to streamline the visualisation of less visually engaging content, such as code and screenshots from various tools.


Baked Graphics is a 3D-design studio from Gothenburg, Sweden. Creating animated mockups and bespoke 3D assets for creatives and companies. The company is co-created by me and Frida Wiig a technical artist and 3D-designer. The brand needed a brand-refresh with a new visual identity and a new website.


Matenco is an industrial business group consisting of the business areas of Production and Tools. My design studio Jungle was contracted to design and develop their new website.

The goal was to create a responsive and converting site with a CMS-system optimized for SEO. Showcasing Matenco's core services and making it easy for visitors to find their sister companies.

Website & Brand at Filmago

Filmago is a film production company located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company was established in 2023. In need of design, branding and development.

The goal is to create a brand that can stand the test of time, is elegant and adheres to the personal tone of the owners.

A well-designed website that displays their different services and case studies to make it easy for future and recurring customers to see what type of services and work they can order from Filmago with a CMS system that is easy to edit and optimized for SEO.



Designing for one of the largest pension funds in the Nordics.

Together with the advertising agency Drum. Jungle Design designed and developed SPP's new AI service. Where the users could envision their dream retirement and see themselves realize their dream. The application was exhibited in Tele2 Arena Stockholm and aroused interest from the public, companies and newspapers.

Resumè, Swedens biggest newspaper in the field of communication wrote a piece.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
World Wide Web

Running a mockup studio that creates 3D animated video mockups for designers around the world.

2021 — Now
Stockholm / Sweden

Creating digital products across different business sectors for various clients.

My role ranges from insight-gathering to creating pixel-perfect high-fidelity prototypes, brands, web development and design systems.

2021 — 2023

Running my own small shop. Freelancing as a designer and webflow developer. Had fun, got Jungle Design as a client and got offered a job offer which I happily took.

Pivoted Made You Look into a product company, now running Baked Graphics.