Mohit Sachdeva

Mohit Sachdeva

UX Designer in New Delhi


UX Designer with 10+ years of experience in Edtech, delivering User-Centered Design solutions


Homework App at Evergreen
  • Lead the conceptualization and architecture design of Homework App Product for K-12 Students

  • Took stakeholder interviews to understand product requirements and targeted market segment

Current Affairs Newsletter - Print and Web Design at Evergreen

Lead its Design and Development

  • Project Brief was that Evergreen's Current Affairs newsletter needed a content and design revamp - both the responsibilities were to be mine. A web version of it was also to be concpetualised from scratch which was to accompany every print edition.

  • Important design consideration taken at my end was to conceptualise a design language for Print version and then take it forward for Web version as well such they both compliment each other and leave a consistent design impression on user's mind.

  • Lot of challenges were overcome while creating my very first Boostrap-run single page website for the same both with respect to design and coding which involved HTML5, CSS3 and JS.

  • Activities performed include Conceptualisation, Visualisation, Editing, Wireframing, Print Design and Development and Web Development.

  • Tools and technologies used were Pen and Paper for Wireframing, InDesign for Print Design, Dreamweaver for developing Bootstrap-run website. Boostrap template used was Pixel UI kit.

Mathematics Simulations Development at Evergreen

Lead design and development of Mathematics Simulations for Grades 9 and 10

  • Project brief was to create a a simulations product for Math which will be exploratory in nature rather than being part of an assessment. Inputs provided were in the form of raw scripts written by SME.

  • Product was to be used by learner as complimentary to instructional videos provided by Evergreen.

  • Raw scripts received from SME were transformed by me into instructionally sound simulation scripts after thorough discussions with SME, applying ID principles with respect to instructions, OST and functionality, and keeping in mind Storyline's limitations.

  • Those scripts were then converted into running simulations using Articulate Storyline.

  • Activities performed include
    Conceptualisation, Visualisation, Instructional Design, Wireframing, UI Design and Functionality Development.

  • Tools used were Microsoft Word (ID), Pen and Paper for Wireframing, Articulate Storyline (UX, Functionality and Development), Illustrator and Photoshop for Asset Creation.

Digital Content and UI Development for an English Product at Evergreen

Lead the vendor's Animation and tech team towards creation of digital content - graphics, animations, activities - for English books of Evergreen Publications

  • Product brief was to help vendor create an attractive digital product which will work as a digital front for Evergreen’s English books.

  • As part of this exercise, videos and activities were to be made by vendor which will be housed inside an intuitive UI.

  • Activities performed include Wireframing, thorough Graphics, UX & Functionality Feedback and Reviews

Mathematics and Science TextBook ReDesigns at Evergreen

Lead the Re-invisioning and implementation of Modern Textbook Designs for Science and Mathematics’ Candid Series for Grades 6-8

  • Activities performed include Conceptualisation of new design language for Books, new iconography and typography, and introduction of new Learning strategies like revamped content design for Concept Maps.

  • Tools used were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign


Spearheaded UX Design of Learnflix App and Website with responsibilities like:

  • UX Requirement gathering and analysis from stakeholders

  • Creating business logic for all the functional aspects of Learnflix

  • Defining and Solving complex Learnflix UX problems and converting them to simple, easy to understand front-end while communicating the complex logic to developers for backend

  • Creating workflow of the Learnflix iOS and Android apps and web apps, defining its elements across screens and defining their connections to each other to solve various use cases

  • ­Overseeing and reviewing Learnflix UI and UX creation using Sketch, Invision and Zeplin

  • ­Gathering feedback from stakeholders on the complete Learnflix UX and getting it contextually implemented

  • Reviewing the Learnflix app/web-app designs and experience after actual app development

  • Tools used were Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Invision and Zeplin

Learning Interactivities at S. Chand Group
  • Conceptualising the functionality of around 10 types of learning interactivities such as MCQ, FIB, DnD, Finding a Way etc.
  • Wireframing all the interactivities to provide graphics team necessary templates for them to design graphic elements around
  • Creating the documentation for various stakeholders including development team and content team documenting the elements present in interactivities and their relevant functionalities
  • Brainstorming with multiple stakeholders from different teams including tech lead and content lead as to the functions of defined interactivities and their learning outcomes and to align them with their desired targets.
  • Reviewing and Signing Off on multiple Designs proposed by the team
  • Tools used were Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Animate
Interactive Maps at S. Chand Group
  • UX Requirement gathering and analysis from stakeholders

  • Conceptualising and Solving complex Interactive Maps UX problems and converting them to simple, easy to understand front-end while communicating the complex logic to developers for backend. Done in sync with the UX teams in New Delhi and Dublin and Technical Team in Noida.

  • Designing Interactive Maps UI and overseeing development in sync with Technical Team via regular UX and functional reviews.

  • Gathering feedback from stakeholders on the complete Interactive Maps UX and getting it contextually implemented in sync with UX and Technical teams

  • Tools used were Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Animate

  • I was hired by Research Illuminous to design their Panel Book. They wanted a clear and concise representation of their existing repertoire across the globe. Target audience for this Panel Book was their prospective new clients.

  • Challenge was to understand the business Research Illuminous is in and to conceptualize a design language which will be used across the Panel Book.

  • Infographics mockups were visualized and refined a lot further in sync with Research Illuminous' expectations and my own design evolution towards the project.

  • I then proceeded with the iconography which allowed me to delve deeper into business Research Illuminous is in and to conceptualize and design the icons which will be able to represent its content faithfully inside the Panel Book.

  • Tools used were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat.

  • Panel Book 2016 for Research Illuminous is available here:…

Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Head of Design at Evergreen Publications
New Delhi
  • As a UX leader, I was responsible for driving the conceptualization, design, and overall user experience of cutting-edge online and offline products.
  • This included overseeing design process from start to finish during prototyping stage, establishing design principles and best practices that prioritize simplicity and ease of use, and creating user-centered design solutions based on data and user research.
  • I also worked closely with editors, tech, and content strategists to ensure that our products provide an intuitive and seamless experience for our users.
2009 — 2019
Noida, India
  • Lead a team of 10 Graphic Designers and Animators and directed them towards their specific elearning product targets.

  • Lead an offshore UX team towards development of Learnflix Product both for Mobile and Desktop.

  • Lead Design & Development of multiple Learning products like Learnflix, MyStudyGear, Interactive Maps, Learning Interactivities, Curriculum based Learning Modules for K-12 etc.

2009 — 2009
Noida, India
  • Worked on an Inquiry based Learning Project, based on VARK methodology, as a Chief Designer and Animator.
  • Visualized, Animated, Designed Interactivities for K-12 Learning Modules
2005 — 2009
Noida, India
  • Led a project for McDougal Littell as UX Lead
  • Delivered Software Simulations for Skillsoft
  • Worked as a UX Designer with Edtech companies like Skillsoft, McDougal Littell, Certiport and Educomp for various K-12 products