make stuff in United States, he/him


17, i make open source software to make twitch more fun for , i enjoy using typescript and i have some proficiency in python. you can find me on the internet:



AI TTS Donations (working name) is a free and open source AI TTS program. This was made because other solutions were private / cost streamers tons of money. AI TTS Donations includes playsounds, voice effects, and thousands of voices using Uberduck and FakeYou. Open Source:…

2022 is a website made for the VIBEFEST online music festival. It uses the React framework Remix and uses the Component Library Mantine. It includes a news feed with a comment section, a stream page with a Twitch embed and donation information, and a guestbook! Open Source:…


TwitchTunes is a Twitch chat bot that lets your viewers use Spotify to request songs. Open Source:…

Side Projects


The idea is that you (the streamer) gives your viewer a "credit". This credit can be used to submit a panel (panels are what is below your twitch stream) for your Twitch Channel. This viewer can then submit a panel idea, then you the streamer can accept/deny it and then it will be added to their page ( Open Source:…


My personal website, made all in Astro! This was first made with the Remix framework, however the website was pretty much 100% static with only things like comments and some front page stuff being pulled in from databases/APIs. I converted all of this to Astro, and made blog comments through giscus, and made the front page a lot more simple. Open Source:…


Super Voice Channels was made after having trouble with other "Auto Voice Channels" bots in Discord. It was made using Typescript and Discord.js. It currently supports Automatic Voice Channels (voice channels that get created when you join a specific channel), and New Voice Channel Notifications (notifications for when new voice channels open, so you don't miss out with talking to friends!). Open Source:…



2022 — Now

I did all of the "tech stuff" for the online music festival VIBEFEST. I made and managed their website using the Remix framework (…), I did the live-streaming for their Twitch channel which consisted of hosting a moderation bot, setting up the OBS layout, and general maintenance of the stream. My current project with VIBEFEST is their new radio station "Radio VIbefest." in which it is a 24 hour stream hosting music from people that were in the festival lineup, and others. "Radio Vibefest." uses an AzuraCast instance (provided by a generous community member) and an always-on OBS stream to provide high quality sound to the Twitch stream. I also manage the VIBEFEST YouTube channel where we host all the VODs for the festival.