Morgan Mansour

Morgan Mansour

Multidisciplinary Writer in Hamburg, Germany, she/they


Editor and educator interested in design & computation.

Always up for creative collaborations & swapping skills — feel free to drop me a line!



Working on reorganization and copyediting of the help documentation coinciding with the release of the new desktop client, Sander.


Organized and facilitated a virtual critique / feedback session focused on multidisciplinary work for code and design students.


Commissioned work for a UK-based marketing executive and media influencer


Selected texts (linked below) written to support graphics & charts created by market researchers from the Energy & Environment as well as Latin America & Carribean teams:


Selected analog & digital photographs from study at Vassar College, the International Center for Photography, and MV Labs


Wrote & edited piece on media ethics with achived footage from MSF Paris



Ongoing collection of work from 2015 to present, including pieces performed on Hallo:Radio & published in print in jubilat & Algae


Essay on the experience of writing & teaching at a residency near Pula, Croatia


Original poetry with translations by NGiOR w/ DAC, Photos: Morgan Mansour & Zvona i Nari


Review of book from the library at the Zvona i Nari Residency near Pula, Croatia

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2020 — 2023

Taught advanced ESL for international students preparing for their school-leaving certificate at a Hamburg vocational school.

2021 — 2022
London / Remote

Taught HTML/CSS, Figma, Scratch, & Scratch Jr to 3 - 12 year olds based in the UK, in mixed groups as well as private sessions

2022 — 2022
Berlin / Remote

Managed projects between freelance editors, translators, and content writers for the German and English editions of the B2B blog

2020 — 2020
Content Manager at O&W Law Firm

Managed English-language content in WordPress, debugged HTML as well as basic PHP & Twig, researched keywords by region & performed competitive analysis

2019 — 2020

Wrote and edited data analyses and industry overviews for a B2B audience to boost search engine ranking on graphics & charts with a team of market researchers.

2016 — 2019
Language Teacher at Kinderwelt, Intensiv-Förderkreis, ABCi, et al.
Hamburg, Berlin, Lyon, Vienna, Belgrade

Led classes and workshops across Europe, completed a Cambridge CELTA certification in teaching ESOL, and supported bilingual development in kindergartens and after-school programs.

2016 — 2016

Wrote copy, coordinated social media, and initiated community outreach as the sole employee of an independent art & design bookstore.

2015 — 2016
Substitute Teacher & Childcare Worker at Waldorf Schools
Atlanta & Richmond

In Atlanta, Georgia, I led a weekly grade 2 reading session and observed classes in Spanish, coding, movement, handwork, and gardening.

In Richmond, Virginia, I trained as a backup teacher in primary classes and care shifts.

2014 — 2014
SEO Writer at Captive Text
New York / Remote

Wrote articles on SEO best practices and content creation for an audience of marketers. I also managed metadata and WordPress uploads for company clients.



Featured in November 2022 on the Read.CV homepage for a side project listed on this page!


Featured Sites: "Day Friend", main illustration; "Click the Pigs", article mention

Side Projects


Began in 2021 as short fiction and now experimenting with using version control via GitHub as a tool for editing a longer literary work. The idea behind this is also in progress...

(i.e. is using GitHub here just a tool for me as a writer? is the point of making it public more of a personal goal to overcome perfectionism but I don't expect an audience, or can I explore what "open source" could mean in an art context?)


Co-organized weekly meetups and virtual studio sessions with an international group of multimedia artists and writers


2019 — 2019
German Studies at Uni Hamburg

Semester courses for international students in German Language, Literature, History, and Politics

2009 — 2014
Poughkeepsie, New York

Dual Theses in History (major) & Studio Art (minor)

2011 — 2011
French Studies at IFE

Semester courses in French history, politics, and cultural policy as well as EU economic expansion



Awarded residency at Zvona i Nari Literary Center & Library near Pula, Croatia to work on a lyric essay, extending research on an academic project about French philosopher Simone Weil


Issued by Vassar College Department of English - Mary Rousmaniere Gordon Prize


Issued with scholarship by Vassar College Department of English

Florence Donnell White Award for Excellence in French from Vassar College

Issued by Vassar College Department of French & Francophone Studies, Scholarship to support study abroad in France


2022 — 2022
Gardener at Nachbarschaftsgarten Neuwiedenthal
2019 — 2019
Council for International Student Equality at Uni Hamburg
2017 — 2017
English Teacher at Austrian Bilingual Classroom Initiative
2016 — 2017
EFL Teacher/Educational Coordinating Assistant at Refugee Aid Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia
2013 — 2013
Classroom ESL Assistant at Poughkeepsie High School
Poughkeepsie, New York
2011 — 2011
Farm Hand at WWOOF France
2009 — 2010
Media & Social Services Support at Sisters of Charity New York
New York City