Miryang Jung

Miryang Jung

Frontend Engineer in Seoul, Korea


I am a Frontend Engineer with 5+ years of experience in the startup industry.

I am passionate about building user-friendly and engaging web applications.

I enjoy actively participating in projects from the planning stage, contributing ideas, and engaging in intense discussions to produce optimal results that I then implement into code with a sense of immersion and accomplishment.

Building upon this passion, I aspire to become a frontend developer who provides users with convenient and enjoyable experiences, creating various features that have a positive impact throughout the service usage process.

"I am always passionate about everything I do."



Work Experience

2023 — Now
Seoul, Korea

FABRILL | Secondhand High-End Jewelry Commerce Platform

  • Early-stage member: Played a key role in the launch and participated in the full-stack development and deployment from stack selection to overall service development.

  • Lead Developer: Focused on using well-established and well-crafted tools and technologies efficiently.

  • Stack Selection Considering Resources and Costs: Maximized development and operational efficiency (Next14, TypeScript, Supabase, ReactNative Webview, shadcn-ui, Zod, React Hook Form, Zustand, Cloudflare Images, Tailwind)

  • AI Recommendation System Development: Increased service impact by developing a product recommendation system using OpenAI text-embedding-3-small.

  • Page Load Speed Improvement: Reduced page loading time by 1.5 seconds through the implementation of Streaming SSR.

  • Product Registration UX Enhancement: Proposed and developed an auto-fill feature using exist data, reducing product registration and input time.

  • Implementation and Operation of A/B Testing: Strengthened data-driven decision-making by introducing A/B testing using Growthbook.

  • Multi-Page Form Development: Improved development and validation efficiency by using React Hook Form and Zod.

  • Design System Development (Ongoing): Defined and developed common components using Storybook and shadcn-ui, aiming for easy creation and representation without runtime verification.

  • WebView App Development and Operation: Managed Appstore deployments, implemented deep links, universal links, app links linking web and app functionalities (image viewer, permissions, etc.).

  • Order and Payment System Development: using Toss Payments.

  • Slack Bot Notification Automation: Improved operational efficiency by automating Slack bot notifications for sales.

2022 — 2023
Seoul, Korea

Farmmorning | Agricultural Community Services

  • Developed a farming journal and ledger service to assist with easy logging of farming activities and records.

  • Modularized existing code and implemented a home page redesign.

  • Developed a direct marketplace for the sale of agricultural products and machinery.

  • Utilized React Native for WebView usage and integration with external SDKs.

  • Built WebView apps and handled store deployment, including writing guidelines.

  • Rewrote the WebView app using React Native, developing a native app.

  • Developed type-safe using ReScript.

Farmmy | Global Agricultural Community Services

  • Developed React Native for using app features in WebView.

  • Improved WebView navigation for UX.

  • Managed testers and deployed apps using AppCenter.

  • Created guidelines for setting up the local app environment and documented structural flowcharts using GitHub Wiki.

rescript-bindings | Open Source, external library bindings for ReScript

  • Configured a monorepo setup.

  • Implemented automatic npm deployment using GitHub Actions.

2021 — 2021
FullStack Engineer at LAONSTORY
Seoul, Korea
  • Developed a API using Hyperledger Aries for a decentralized identity verification project leveraging blockchain (Hyperledger Indy).
2020 — 2021
Daejeon, Korea
  • Developed a viewer interface for cargo inspection and AI-based item identification to be used by inspectors at Incheon Logistics Center, Incheon Port, and Pyeongtaek Port.

  • Enhanced developer experience (DX) by developing a simulator to mimic the system flow and operation of the closed network environment, facilitating the development of software for installation in such environments.

2019 — 2020
Daejeon, Korea
  • Developed a VBA macro to automatically populate vulnerability assessment reports (MS Excel) with the results generated from running inspection tools, significantly reducing the time required for report generation.

  • Assisted in conducting web vulnerability assessments by referencing the guidelines provided in the Major Information and Communication Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Guide.

Side Projects


2024 — 2024
Local Organizer of Seoul Chapter at Women Who Code


ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Course from Lloyd's Register