Jeff Reiner

Jeff Reiner

Software Engineer in Berlin, Germany, He / Him


I build and design digital products and experiences, focusing on Web3.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Conduit dashboard development, implementation of product analytics. Worked with Moniker and team on the Conduit rebrand.

2019 — 2023
Software Engineer at Freelance
2022 — 2023

Worked with the Capsule team building out the project, and Endomo cozy-game prototype using MUD on-chain game engine.

Created a cell based Avatar creation engine for the project.

2021 — 2021

Design and development of marketing website and editorial page. Web3 product development.

2020 — 2021

Built out the original Union Finance beta application on the Kovan Ethereum testnet, laid the groundwork for the new Union app experience on mainnet Ethereum.

2019 — 2021

Built out the original Async Art web app and marketing website, built out the dApp to handle the launch of Async Music as well as Art NFTs.

Laid the groundwork for the Async Canvas creator tools and the set up the tech stack for future Async Art apps.

2019 — 2020

Coal was a platform to help tattoo artists find guest spots in cities where their fans are. Tattoo artists had their own page they would link to from their Instagram and their fans could request them to their city from there. We would then help place the artist in our partner studios all over the world.

The platform was shutdown in mid 2020.

2019 — 2019
Berlin, Germany

Development of the Marketing website in Gatsby Framework and implementation of a CMS. Aided in the creation of the Design System used in the Centrifuge dashboard.

2019 — 2019

Helped co-found Deep Work Studio, running the development efforts of the agency. Implementing design systems and developing applications for our clients.

2017 — 2019
Berlin, Germany

Development of the marketing website in Middleman SSG framework. Built the foundation for the migration to Gatsby Framework. Created native integrations between Contentful CMS and other marketing tools to improve developer speed.

2014 — 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

Design and development on Onshape marketing website as well as other Onshape web entities. Video production and script writing for the official YouTube channel as well as 3D printing content for community development.



Development of L2 / L3 tracker with @emilianobonassi, @bertiecorrie and @W_Y_X


Data visualisation for Stargaze NFT Collection analytics. This project replaced a Metabase dashboard with an on-brand and integrated dashboard on Stargaze collection pages.


Data visualisation and data ingestion from Metabase to Prisma (PlanetScale) with Apollo GraphQL resolvers. This project replaced the Metabase dashboard with an on-brand and integrated dashboard on the Stargaze website.


Built out the Pillar landing page for a rebrand and cleanup of the website. Improved user experience of the Pillar Wallet Web Recovery Portal.

Freelance Front-end Developer at Hummingbot

Worked on the design system, marketing website, and improved documentation for the Miner platform, as well as the rewards program.

Side Projects


A community radio station based in London.

Worked with and team to design and build out their website refresh.


Oroko is a not-for-profit independent internet radio station based in Accra, Ghana.

Worked with the team to pick their tech stack and helped provide the basis of the radio station's website and CMS.

Design by


Soapbox was a social audio platform focused on hanging out with your friends and playing games together.

Co-founded with

Platform was shutdown December of 2021.


A community radio station and fundraising platform based in Berlin.

Worked with and the Refuge Worldwide team to design and build out the station's website and broadcast platform.


2013 — 2015
Interactive Media Design spec. Computer Game Design & Programming at Becker College
Worcester, Massachusetts