Michel van Heest

Michel van Heest

Product designer in Rotterdam, NL 🇳🇱


Product designer breaking down and solving complex problems, enabling others to create, shape, learn, or become more effective • Working on Convert_ & Shortcuts.design • Also into craft beer and road biking.

Side Projects


Centralizing all shortcuts for designers and making them searchable. The site has 13k+ monthly visitors and became Producthunt Product of the Day. I’m building new features and working on various sponsorships and business models.

Sponsored by Framer, Around, VEED.io, Commandbar, Uxcel, Iconfinder, Proto.io, CleanShot X, Sip, and more.


Sign language app at YipYip

Designing and prototyping a video player showing video's from multiple camera angles, speed controls, various forms of subtitles etc. and making all video's easily findable using an advanced search function.

Designing accessible native & web apps for governments at YipYip

Making various government web and native iOS, Android and Flutter apps more inclusive and accessible, with a focus on WCAG 2.1 A+AA, right-to-left languages, and leveraging existing government design systems.


Creating the best festival companion app as a service containing timetables, ticket wallets and shops, maps, chat, timeslot booking system, and more.

Health iOS & iPadOS apps for clients and coaches at EchtFit

Helping to improve people’s physical health by creating a digital personal fitness trainer with 24/7 personal coaching, easy food tracking, AR train instructions, and training programs, and extended health data.


Researching, envisioning, and prototyping the future of mobile-first presentation software, enabling users to communicate their ideas away from their desk.

Work Experience

2020 — 2023

Designed native apps and custom back-end management systems, balancing accessibility, user-focused, technical, and business-driven needs and constraints, for various SMB's.

Set up the day-to-day design process and scaled it up to a team of 4 designers, worked on internal libraries, and (co-)hired and -guided various interns and junior designers.

2020 — 2020

Graduated with a 10/10 and cum-laude. Left WeTransfer because of COVID-19 hiring freezes.

2018 — 2019

As a product design intern, I got the chance to design the mobile application of Coffee By Benjamin, from first concept to final prototype. I also got the opportunity to learn about product design working on smaller features for Sketch Cloud and WeTransfer.


2023 — Now
Product Designer at Bammetje.app

Volunteering for a non-profit that’s trying to tackle child hunger in primary schools by connecting food-donors to schools with children whose parents can’t provide them with enough food.