Artificial Ventures

Artificial Ventures

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A.i eats Software; Software ate the world


GP at Feld Venture Syndicate

Opps provides B2B data for high-growth companies that are seed to series A-D. We also provide data on the investors financing high growth sectors not covered by traditional SIC or NAICS codes.

Have a unique data set? Submit it for sale in the Opps Data Marketplace and monetize your verified data. solves this by generating A.i lead data built around Investor and Customer data sets. Find opportunities in new and emerging sectors including:

πŸš€ e-commerce & dtc brands
πŸš€ SaaS
πŸš€ Artificial Intelligence First Ventures
πŸš€ Technology Stacks
πŸš€ VC & Accelerator backed startups
πŸš€ Social Audiences from Twitter, IG and LinkedIn
πŸš€ Consumer/Account intent singals.

Opps lets you build lead data around your Ideal Client or Investor now.


CTO at Growtoro

Growtoro is an artificially intelligent cold outreach marketing platform that connects founder lead business to ideal clients.

This is through

βœ… intelligent audience, investor & client data
βœ… intent buying signals
βœ… engaging human copy created by A.i
βœ… campaign automation


The Founders Pack Wolfcast features Investors & Founders in Scalable Ventures including those from y Combinator, Techstars, and Hustle Fund.

We learn about the problems they are solving with their venture
The advice they have for other Founders
The Role of Community & Partnerships in their Success.

3x a week profile Founders & Investors for subscribers


Inspired by the Japanese Keiretsu Business Model. Founders Pack aims to help 1M entrepreneurs create scalable ventures that change the world by solving problems through sharing technology, talent, data and relationships across community and partnerships



Inspired by a forgotten Japanese business model - The Keiretsu - Form Your Own Pack reimagines this business model of cooperation and scaling for the A.i age as a wolf pack

Wolves strive to build strength into their Packs through Keiretsu Characteristics:

βœ… Cross Shareholdings
βœ… Collaboration between CEO partners
βœ… Innovation with Shared Talent, Technology
βœ… Scale through Shared Data & Relationships
βœ… Establish common Trading Entities to amplify access to new markets and opportunities

Wolves rapidly prototype new ideas into products, talk to investors early and connect with customers by building in public.

They are practical, egoless and eat what that catch - and thus are capital and resource efficient.


A blueprint to

Build Digital Products
Automate Marketing, Sales and Support

The 5 playbooks you need to Automate & Grow Any Business

Work Experience

2011 β€” Now

We help founder lead business to Automate & Grow through marketing, sales and support automation using Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRM centric tools

2021 β€” 2022
Santa Ana, CA

Lead the automation of sales, marketing and loan operations including the design and development of Salesforce, web properties, apps and marketing automation. Data Management, Lead Distribution and routing, intent buyer data, connected to campaigns.