Molly Gertenbach

Molly Gertenbach

Independent Creative Partner in Philadelphia, PA, She/Her

I'm a User Experience-focused designer + front-end developer, dedicated to crafting unique digital product experiences that balance the intersection of form and function.

Based in Philadelphia, Pa (if you're familiar with the city, South Philly to be exact) my practice focuses on finding elegant solutions to complex problems — untangling the web of ideas, business objectives, technical constraints, and user expectations to define a final solution that is both innovative and feasible.

With almost a decade of experience and hundreds of problems solved, I'm always searching for my next creative challenge.



Designed a flexible design system developed a custom Shopify theme with a scalable product architecture to support Figgy - an children's company focused on analog play - as they enter their new phase of product expansion and e-commerce growth.


Led the product design of the T-Mobile MONEY banking application - rated 4.8 stars on the iOS App Store. Worked to test and improve existing features, as well as launching new initiatives such as savings accounts, rewards tracking, and more.


I worked with the tatter team to build a custom wordpress site featuring woo-commerce integration to create a platform for their marketing content, digital magazine, and e-commerce store front. Work also included the development of custom plugins to afford the display and digital interaction of physical objects and art.


I developed a custom wordpress theme for PR agency Maslansky + Partners to support their portfolio showcase, work history, and case studies.


I built a custom website to showcase the offerings and business initiatives of TGH. Work included consultation on the UX design and structure, setup of a CMS system, and development of a custom interactive map to display their global brands.



Usability testing and 1–1 interviews are often heralded as the ultimate source of insights, but powerful information can be drawn from analytics as well.



Gave a presentation on the basics of using Figma, and the benefits it can bring to both designers' and developers' collaborative processes for the LA Web Developers meetup.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Independent Creative Resource at Freelance

Throughout my career I've continually worked to support a variety of independent projects from local organizations to national non-profits.

As of 2023 I have fully transitioned to freelancing full time and am always open to new creative partnerships.

2019 — 2023
Senior User Experience Designer • Lead Senior User Experience Designer • Director of Design at BMTX

Formally known as BankMobile, I joined the team as a Senior User Experience Designer working directly with white label clients to create new interface designs and conduct usability research for fintech banking applications. Moving into the Lead Senior User Experience Designer role in 2021 I began to oversee more of the product design initiatives, mentor junior designers, and led the design of an entirely new white-label product system. Transitioning to the role of Director in 2022 I formally led a team of 7 creatives and supported the entire system of design for the company. Working across product, development, and marketing teams I unified company processes, developed new direct to consumer brands, and promoted a philosophy of design culture and thinking within the organization

2017 — 2019
User Experience Designer at Fusion

Developed and implemented A/B tests. Worked within the optimization team and directly with strategists to develop and implement UI concepts. Developed new methods for testing User Experience based A/B tests. Worked with a global base of clients to solve key usability issues while increasing core conversions and revenue.

2016 — 2017
UX Designer / Developer at Blue Triangle Technologies

Led the design, front-end development, and user testing of new software interfaces. Worked directly with clients to identify feature requirements, plan project timelines, and beta test progress.


2012 — 2016
Bachelors of Science at Lebanon Valley College

Degree in Digital Communications with a Design Concentration and emphasis on digital experiences.