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Writing Everything from scratch at least once.

A year ago


Hi! I'm Richard a University Student interested in building Software and making it interesting for the user! I really enjoy LP (Language Processing) and the ideas behind compiler and programming language design. I also do work on web development both the frontend and backend.



I made a brainfuck interpreter using Rust! All with a Lexer, Parser and error reporting.
A Lexer tokenises a .bf file and returns a set of tokens which we can parse and run the program logic. The Parser looks over the tokens and performs the specified operations.
I didn't use an AST but that could be a fun thing for the future.

Side Projects


Simple Build Tool for auto tracking C files in a C project.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

Lead developer and designer in the redesign of the UK version of the Pando Kitchens website.
I Implemented a responsive and accessible site, which served UK users as a medium of advertisement and information about the services and products offered at Pando.
The site is optimised for search engines, in order to bring traction and users to the site.


2020 — 2022
A-Levels at Ken Simpson Community School
Peterborough, UK

Undertook A-Levels in Computer Science, Geography and Chemistry and achieved ABA.



I was featured in a article as one of the top 5 comments that week!