Mehdi Mulani

Mehdi Mulani

Programmer in Los Angeles, He/him

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2 years ago



Host your personal profile on your own domain, and with beautiful themes.


Personalized shortcuts on your home screen to quickly give you a sense of the traffic around you.


Revamping the directions screen to prioritize the travel modes you use.


A WebDriver server for iOS, and the first in many automation tools for end-to-end testing on iOS.

Side Projects


Started making flower vases as wedding favors and still haven't stopped.


An emulator for the original Game Boy written in Rust.


Created a 1:1 map of the map from the Pokémon Fire Red game. Generated the map by reading all the tiles, and map data straight from the ROM. Fun little project to learn all about rendering on the GBA and how maps are stored.


Created a terminal client for Mac OS X that used native UI elements, like a text box to enter your commands, and each command's output displayed individually. Its most impressive technical feature was the ability to run multiple commands at once, and letting you switch between them.

Google Maps Envelopes

Inspired by a prototype from Rahul Mahtani and Yofred Moik, I built a simple web app that would create envelopes showing the path your letter would eventually take. All the directions and tile data were pulled from Google Maps. The first example is Toronto to Montreal and the second is Barcelona to London.

I sent a few out to friends and they all actually worked as envelopes!



First team to port Doom to the Apple Watch, and later the Apple TV.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Los Angeles, CA

Building this site!

2020 — 2021
Software Engineer at Google
Tokyo, Japan
2013 — 2020
Software Engineer at Facebook
London, Menlo Park, and New York


New Layer, Inc.