Maykel Loomans

Maykel Loomans

Designer in San Francisco, CA, he/him

Episode 9 with Everett Katigbak!

We talk about his path from East LA to the Bay Area, traffic on the 405, generalist vs. specialist, early days of designing Facebook's brand, environment and culture.

A year ago


I am a digital product builder who likes to create things by mashing together design, engineering, and business strategy.

Currently, I am a designer and leader at Brex. I have a podcast where I talk with people about the stories behind the things they designed and built. Some days, I work on my photo-sharing side project Shoebox.



Alex and George are two designers who worked with each other very closely when their paths intersected at Facebook. They found that they both took different approaches to design, but their skill sets were very complementary.

We sat down to talk about their careers, the state of product design and technology, and many other nerdy things.


Jessica is a lettering artist and author who has created custom lettering artwork for established brands, films, classic books, postage stamps, and so much more. She’s traveled the world speaking at creative conferences and colleges and has befriended innumerable internet strangers while navigating the depths of social media.

Most recently, she wrote and illustrated her latest children’s book: “Who Will U Be?”. We talked a bit about her career and the meaningful moments within it. And we chatted about befriending tons of people by being extremely online and the differences in connecting with people nowadays versus the past decade and a half.

Side Projects


Full Stack Whatever is a series of conversations with creatives and technologists about the work behind the work.

With these conversations, I want to dig deeper and uncover the lessons, insights, and motivations of some of the best and brightest in our industries. I hope that the stories shared will resonate and support some of you.


A place to find and share your favourite Darkroom presets.


A place to quickly share your collections of photos to the web.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
San Francisco, CA

Design Director and Principal Designer. Started at Brex with a focus on Mobile. Then led our Platform organization. Now leading design for Empower and design hiring across the company.

2018 — 2019
Head of Product and Design at Glossier
New York, NY

Led the digital product, product design, and UX research teams. Evolved our recruiting and interviewing practices, and increased clarity of career tracks. Drove our technology teams to focus on impact and outcomes.

Led the transformation of based on a new design system, which redesigned all of the touchpoints of our customer's critical path from consideration to purchase.

2014 — 2018
Product Designer at Facebook
Menlo Park, CA
2012 — 2014
Product Designer at Instagram
San Francisco, CA
2011 — 2012
UI Designer at Freelance
Maastricht, Netherlands
2006 — 2011
Co-founder and Creative Director at Airglow Studios
Maastricht, Netherlands

Design co-founder of a small design and development agency.


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