Scrum Master in Houston, TX, She/Her


As a seasoned Senior Agile Management Specialist at Ally Financial, Mashia Tate brings over six years of unparalleled expertise in the dynamic realm of Agile methodologies. Currently serving as the Scrum Master for three pivotal teams in the Auto, Insurance, and Product Delivery space, Mashia orchestrates seamless collaboration to drive innovation and excellence.

Mashia's journey at Ally has been marked by outstanding performance and recognition. In 2021, her exceptional contributions were honored with the prestigious LEADing the Way award, a testament to her leadership and impact.

A trailblazer and a member of the founding team of Ally's first Black, Hispanic, and Latino in Technology community, Mashia is on a mission to empower underrepresented groups in the tech industry. As the co-lead for the program and events pillar, she channels her passion for mentoring and provides access to technology, equipping individuals with the skills to pursue thriving tech careers.

Mashia's influence extends across global teams of software developers, seamlessly managing distributed teams in both the United States and India. Her expertise spans the entire Software Development Life Cycle and DevOps, offering a holistic perspective on the ever-evolving tech landscape.

A dynamic force in tech education, Mashia leads workshops on diverse topics, including Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, Agile methodologies, Mediation, and beyond. Her commitment to knowledge-sharing enhances the professional growth of her peers.

With over six years of dedicated service at Ally, Mashia Tate is not just a leader in Agile Management; she is a champion for diversity and inclusion, contributing significantly to Ally's commitment to fostering an inclusive and innovative workplace.


The Power of Positive Affirmation - A Design Thinking Approach at Black/African American Employee Resource Group
Detroit, MI

Do you want to take the reins of your life and master the art of creating meaningful experiences? Join us for a transformative workshop that guides you through the design thinking process, empowering you to craft powerful affirmations that will shape your future. In this workshop, you will gain a profound understanding of design thinking, apply it in your everyday life, and connect your affirmations with actionable steps while building a supportive network of like-minded peers. Together, we'll explore why it matters, the essence of the design thinking process, and delve into its core principles: empathy, ideation, and experimentation.

Workshop Highlights:

Empowerment Through Affirmations: Harness the potential of affirmations to set clear intentions and manifest your desired experiences.

Understanding Design Thinking: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the design thinking process and how it can be a powerful tool for life transformation.

Everyday Application: Discover practical steps for integrating design thinking into your daily routine to effect positive change in your life.

Peer Connection: Foster meaningful connections with fellow participants to support and hold each other accountable in pursuing your goals.

Exploring Core Design Thinking Principles: Delve into the fundamental pillars of design thinking, including empathy, ideation, and experimentation, to supercharge your problem-solving skills.

Meditation & Desk Exercises at Black/African American Employee Resource Group at Ally Financial
Remote/Plano, TX

Immerse yourself in a transformative workshop dedicated to the practice of self-compassion. In today's fast-paced world, we often neglect our well-being, putting the needs of others before our own. This workshop offers a space to prioritize self-compassion and self-care through active meditation, meaningful discussions, practical desk exercises, and progressive self-assessment check-ins.

Workshop Highlights:

Discovering the Art of Self-Compassion: Delve into the transformative practice of self-compassion, understanding its significance and the positive impact it can have on your life.

Mindful Meditation for Self-Kindness: Learn and experience the power of mindful meditation techniques to foster self-kindness, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

Thoughtful Discussions: Engage in open and supportive discussions with fellow participants, sharing insights and experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of self-compassion.

Practical Desk Exercises: Incorporate simple yet effective desk exercises designed to relieve tension and promote physical wellness during your daily routine.

Progressive Self-Assessment: Regular check-ins and guided self-assessment exercises to track your personal growth and development in practicing self-compassion.

Keys to Leadership Development at Michgan Council of Women in Technology & Ally Financial


Ally LEADing The Way Award from Ally Financial

The LEADing the Way award is among the highest recognitions an employee can receive at Ally Financial. This award celebrates the top 1% of employees who are customer-focused and champion the Ally culture.

I am an Ally Award from Ally Financial

This award celebrates Ally employees who display the Ally LEAD core values and create measurable, meaningful change within the organization.

Phenomenal Woman of The Year from Lawrence Technological University

The award celebrated my leadership as president of the National Society of Black Engineers and Lawrence Technological University Alternative Spring Break.


SAFe Scrum Master from Scaled Agile Framework

This is to certify that I can do the following:

  • Empower and lead an Agile team.
  • Facilitate Agile events like iteration planning, team sync, and iteration retrospectives.
  • Help teams plan and complete their work.
  • Execute the principles of servant leadership, which are crucial for key SAFe team roles. These skills will enable you to develop high-performing, engaged, and continuously improving teams in your own organization.