Marvell Lahens

Marvell Lahens

Product Designer in Chicago, He / Him


Product Designer at Airbnb by day, working on generative furniture design with the rest of the time.



Meet Self – Chicago-based brand and parametric design tool by Marvell Lahens that allows anyone to create their own furniture. Intrigued?


American designer Marvell Lahens has launched an app at NYCxDesign that enables everyday people with no professional training to design a piece of furniture and have it produced and shipped to them within three weeks.


At New York Design Week, founder Marvell Lahens invites visitors to discover Self (20 and 21 May 2023), a new generative design brand that allows users to create their own furniture


Marvell Lahens's new line of made-to-order furniture invites the customer into the design process with a simple tool.


The recipients of the sixth season of Creator Labs, a visual arts incubator that supports rising talents in the creation of new work, are finally announced.


"In response to the colorful, zanier side of modern furniture, some American craftspeople are returning to elemental, straightforward and handmade pieces."



Maison Ogé is an experimental design practice born in Oakland, California. Our pursuit lies in the derivation of objects and things, and in the power of the simple and of the obvious. We exist simply out of a frustration with and as the antithesis to what is expected.

Conceived through utilitarian thought-experiments, our products propose alternate manifestations to known and remembered things. They are developed with extraordinary and non-traditional materials, and are presented as forms shifted from the norm.


SELF™ is a custom, made-to-order furniture line whose products are generatively designed by the consumer. SELF™ was conceived as an experiment in co-creation between brand and end-user: inviting, enabling, and empowering people to design the everyday objects they use and surround themselves with.

New York

The Crossroads is the new heart and showpiece of ICFF and WantedDesign Manhattan. Creative Director David Rockwell and Rockwell Group with Editor/Co-Curator Pei-Ru Keh have created a playful and immersive environment in ode to two pillars of Americana – the great outdoors and the American home, which simultaneously nods to the interplay of contrasts amongst the works and objects on display.

Design it your SELF™ at NYC x Design
New York

Upcoming, May 20 - 21, 2023
New York, NY

SELF™ invites the public to experiment with generative furniture design in an interactive workshop experience, featuring the work of Norman Teague and Max Davis (both individual works as well as those co-designed with SELF™).

Guests can generatively design an 18"" x 18” side-table, defining the table-top shape, material, and color, and choose between sets of pre-defined leg types. Optionally, guests are welcome to purchase their design and have it produced out of plywood or powder-coated steel (Made in Chicago and shipped anywhere in the US). Learn more at


Chicago, IL

Where generative and parametric design x rapid manufacturing allows for the average consumer to be co-creator in the design process.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Lead Product Designer at Airbnb
2020 — 2022
Lead Art Director at Airbnb
2020 — 2020

Co-led the creation of Stanford Universities first public, open access course (credited for Stanford students).

2015 — 2017
Founding Designer at
2015 — 2015
2012 — 2014
Graphic Designer at USC Spectrum


2010 — 2013
Los Angeles

Minors in Architecture and Middle East Studies