Marek Minor

Marek Minor

Product Designer & Photographer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just launched my first very own icon set –

6 months ago

Making fun things at Bakken & Bæck ✨ Fascinated with design and code being at the centre of everything. Always curious to learn something new!

Side Projects


Started my first very own icon library. I thought the world desperately needed some good vibes so I made them extra cute. Amicons consist of 600+ (and counting) exquisitely designed, clean and consistent vector icons with a friendly attitude.

Don't forget to check them out on Gumroad!


My newly redesigned personal website.

  • They say people don’t read case studies so I turned mine into small bite-sized cards to make it more fun and engaging.
  • They say “3 case studies max” but I wanted to showcase my entire range of skills and experience in an infinitely scalable, fun to watch format.
  • Written in TypeScript using NextJS, Radix UI and Framer Motion.

Worlds is my several years long research into design and physics. It manifested as a new type of design tool stemming from a different way of thinking about systems.

It’s best described as:
• A browser for your mind.
• An engine for abstract thought.
• Your personal design assistant.
• A playground for computing.
• A magic dreambox full of ideas.

Currently in development.


Created as a personal space for my photography. I left Instagram in 2020 to find my voice in photography and explore what kind of photos I want to make as opposed to what is rewarded with the most likes. The website is kept simple and is gradually improved. Built with React and Gatsby.


Labka is a platform for adopting pets that I co-founded and have been co-creating from scratch since 2020. It empowers shelter members with an easy way to share listings and gather financial donations from supporters.

  • Responsible for the product vision and the platform design, including the brand creation, building the user experience, designing the interface, creating and implementing the design system, along with providing the visuals and copywriting.
  • Labka is a passion project created out of love for our adopted cats and all the others who still deserve a good home.

GamesWatch is a game design and art references website, providing inspiration and examples from games for research or fun.

  • Created, curated, designed and built GamesWatch from scratch using React, NextJS, Vercel and Sanity using thousands of screenshots and videos taken over several years of playing games.
  • Posted tidbits of game trivia and appreciation of details on its Instagram account.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contributing photos for Stocksy United, an artist-owned, progressive and inclusive co-operative providing exclusive stock media. Focusing on portraits and candid documentary series.

2016 — Now
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Defining, prototyping, designing, building and shipping high-quality digital products and experiences across Android, iOS and web for both small up-and-coming startups and large established global corporations.

2020 — 2022

Co-founded and co-created web platform for pet adoption. Defined the product vision, product strategy, user experience, visual design and product brand with an emphasis on ethical design principles.

2013 — 2016



Studio is an iOS app that lets you reimagine your home through augmented reality, bringing interior design to the many.

  • Led efforts for a future-forward project for IKEA.
  • Improved the experience of the beta version of the app through design explorations.

Conceptualised, prototyped and designed a feature for Zenly.


Prototyped and designed the next generation of design and simulation tools for the #1 leader in the world in dense warehousing and order fulfilment.


Bee Home is a digital platform that makes it easy to build a home for bees.

  • Being a part of the award-winning multi-disciplinary team at Bakken & Bæck, I was responsible for prototyping and designing the user experience and interface.

Skrible is a personalised writing tool that helps Norwegian students with everything from spellcheck to word-count, and provides them with real-time automated feedback, as well as individual feedback from the teacher.


Member of the team that designed and built the cryptocurrency platform Toshi, later rebranded to Coinbase Wallet.



Received for identity and digital platform for Bee Home. Shared with the amazing multi-disciplinary team at Bakken & Bæck.


Fast Company named Bakken & Bæck as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020, together with notable companies like Nike, Webflow and Form Us With Love.



Sharing my tips on how to write about work.


Describing an abstract, simple but powerful way of thinking about systems based on how we perceive the world around us.


Launching the new and improved version of my game design and art references website.


Recounting my process of user testing a digital real estate platform.


Documenting the creative process behind making a real Apple-esque emoji for my colleagues.


Proposing a more systematic approach to design based on design tokens




Strengthened my React foundations with this most up-to-date online course on how to use React in 2022




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