Malte Körte

Malte Körte

Creative Director in Hamburg, He/him


Creative Director with deep experience creating digital products. Also building and leading the creative team at Studio Lenzing


Studio Lenzing


Workin'Up - Levelling up work spaces

My task was to pave the way for people to find their new dream office. In particular, we wanted to initiate satisfactory, long-term interactions between users and Workin'Up. We were invited to design a search & map logic that promises quick access to all the city's hidden urban gems, while inspiring users instead of overwhelming them.


Pleo’s design team faced the challenge of having an icon set with isolated collections, visual disunity & redundancies spanning across products. We worked with Pleo to create an extensive icon system that truly expresses its vibrant and quirky character, able to scale over time.


What we set ourselves as a goal in this project was to free the self-employed from their hurdles in communicating with traditional banks. But to empower them as heroes with the help of our designs: "Boost your business with Kontist".

Experiences that we particularly wanted to offer Kontist's users were those of comprehensibility, accessibility and trust. By communicating these themes in our designs, we were able to make them liveable experiences for self-employed entrepreneurs.

App Design at Syte

Syte felt it was time to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the industry. We helped Syte create a tool in which real estate development and potential analysis are designed to be sustainable, efficient, and beautiful.

Fernand – Customer support tool

We have been working closely with Sparkasse – broadening their app portfolio by brushing up and extending existing apps and building a new app from scratch.

We also designed the online banking app for business customers hand in hand with the in-house team.


Daimler and BMW have decided to join forces to unify all mobility options within one single mobility service. In 2018 and 2019 we helped ReachNow build a mobility platform that will scale as their business and operations do.

Side Projects


Creating an app that was as minimalist and calm as possible, we put focus on the content: Wando avoids being overloaded and puts focus on the purpose and heart of the app: the task.



In this article, we will tell you how we set up and organize files, how we work internally and externally with clients and partners, how we structure design critiques, which plug ins we love most and why LoFi prototyping is so easy with Figma.


This year had us adapt to quite some challenges and also turned out to be the one where we would dive deeper and take a look at the core values that define us and the work that we do.

Work Experience

2021 — 2023

We solve problems through UX, research and cutting edge technologies. We're proud of the work and even prouder of the partnerships we've built.

From day one, we’ve been committed to making Studio Lenzing a place where people can feel at ease, broaden their horizon and make the best out of their working time. We do it by putting people at the center of all our doing.


2018 — Now


2022 — 2022
Leading for Creativity from IDEOU

I learned Tim Brown’s personal leadership philosophy and methods and how to lead with vision, through culture, and alongside a design team.