I do sofware.

I'm an experienced full-stack software engineer. Pragmatic and results-driven. Prototyping mindset. As a non-ego-driven team player, I prioritize collective success. I have 20 years of practical experience on a variety of types of projects as a software developer, application/solution architect, BA, and technical team leader. Proficient with technical and non-technical tools and methodologies used in the software creation life cycle.

#typescript #react #rust #python #ai #genai #crypto

Side Projects


Photoshop plugin created to extend Photoshop's AI possibilities. With this plugin installed Photoshop gains superpowers thanks to integration with:
- OpenAI's DALL·E 2 and DALL·E 3 (
- StabilityAI Stable Image (

But the real game-changer is its compatibility with all the AI models available at Relicate ( Replicate already hosts hundreds of models, each of which can be easily imported into Photoshop.

This plugin offers users a fantastic opportunity to easily compare results from different models without ever leaving Photoshop. Users can even create multi-model workflows, where the output from one model becomes the input for another.

With a built-in prediction history, users can conveniently access all their results along with the corresponding input data. Prompts can be copied and reused across different models with ease. Plus, adjusting and repeating predictions is as simple as clicking a button.

(video presentation taken from…)


Annotely is easy to use web based screenshot annotation and markup tool. Works on any browser and any device - mobile or desktop. Privacy focused application where are image manipulation is done on client side.

A real side project started in early 2010 🥹. A private battleground to learn new technologies and practice product development. Annotely currently has a steady growing number of users.


Fabristic was an online B2C venture where users could create t-shirts, backpacks, pillows from their Instagram posts.
All instagram photos were imported automatically to present user products.
I did web frontend application, iOS application, backend and all integrations. In a nutshell - all was done wrong.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Currently working on proprietary software gathering interest rate data for DeFi protocols such as AAVE and Compound. This involves acquiring both current and historical data directly from full blockchain nodes. My work includes interfacing with JSON-RPC and EVM-compatible blockchains like ETH and Polygon to collect data. Additionally, using React for frontend data presentation, showcasing the yields collected. Building a set of custom UI components on top of react-aria to guarantee the best user accessibility.

2023 — 2023

Led a team in creating a web-based order creation and tracking application for a concierge platform. Oversaw team building and served as the lead React engineer. As a React lead created several prototypes during the project's initial phase. Designed application architecture, selected tools, and managed integrations with third-party applications like and using Python and AWS.

2013 — 2022

Online B2C photobook printing company where I was tasked with a challenge of creating a client application, custom desktop publishing (DTP) solution and end-to-end architecture design (i.e. data exchange and storage formats). As a solution architect I was responsible for building Adobe Flex client application and migrating it to React. I was a lead engineer responsible for implementing all crucial React components.
Solution I created is currently handling tens of thousands of orders with fail rate far less than one percent.  Key challenges I was facing were - first, high memory consumption issues while working with large numbers of user photos (with average size over 2MB) multiple low level image manipulations and uploads. Secondly a number of security threats while processing user provided files. And lastly, rendering performance issues we faced when rendering content interactively modified by users. I was also responsible for creating data flow architecture as well as API specification for both company owned client application and external printing facilities. As a technical team leader I was coordinating the work of 3 other software developers. I’ve created a multi platform React application to be run on desktop and mobile devices with clear UI and BL separation.

#typescript #react, #node.js #aws #as3

2022 — 2022

Member of a frontend team responsible for current trading application. I was tasked with optimisation of critical components and overall optimisation of the client facing trading platform. I worked on new multi-team feature introducing dynamic forms creation and data gathering.

Due to job force cuts my position was terminated based on short employment history (ref.…) 🤷🏻‍♂️

#typescript #nextjs #node

2018 — 2022

Member of Adobe Prototyping Team (internal R&D). I was involved in multiple of the internal projects working as a full stack engineer focusing on providing complete solution for product prototyping needs. Working with React, React Spectrum UI, web components and iOS Swift. I've worked closely with stakeholders gathering requirements and building testable prototypes. As a full stack engineer I was also involved in designing APIs and backend solutions for prototypes I was involved in. APIs were mostly created with TypeScript and Node.js leveraging integrations with internal systems and deployed using Docker on AWS and later on proprietary cloud platform based on Kubernetes and Docker.

#typescript #react #node.js #docker #aws

2015 — 2018
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