Maja Tisel

Maja Tisel

Brand and Product Designer in Berlin, Germany, She/Her


Enthusiastic creative with a flair for tackling creative and product challenges. I have been crafting compelling visuals and products over a decade.

I am looking for design-driven companies.

I love meeting new people, so let's connect and chat.



Work Experience

2022 — 2023
Berlin, Germany

Hands-on led creative direction for a new product for e-commerce including brand identity development and go-to-market campaign. Successfully designed an onboarding journey for a new product resulting in increased brand recognition and smooth product adaptation.

Mentored and guided junior and senior designers, fostering craft growth.

2021 — 2022
Berlin, Germany

Develop a brand strategy and visual identity for a smart home and prop-tech start-up to improve its position in the market. Work with founders to ensure the company’s vision was encapsulated into strategy. Create a content guideline for the product and improve visual design of the UI.

As part of a design leadership team, we established new processes and rituals to cultivate a cohesive design team and connect with other parts of the organization.

2018 — 2020
Berlin, Germany

Worked on the rebranding of the early stage fintech resulting in increased brand recognition and adaptation. Developed comprehensive brand guidelines, ensuring consistent application across various touch points and communication channels. Played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and creating a design system.

Created 360 campaigns for local and global markets from conceptualizing, production, and breaking down results to improve future endeavors.

Directly managed five designers on their projects and development paths.

2012 — 2017
Brand and Product Designer Freelancer at Self employed
Ljubljana and Helsinki

Managed a diverse portfolio of clients, from cultural institutions to tech start-ups. Successfully translated client visions into impactful visual identities, websites, product concepts, user journeys, environmental graphics, brochures, data visualizations, presentations, and OOH campaigns.

2013 — 2014
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Created a visual identity and Kickstarted campaign for a newly started tech product.
Design UI and UX for an app that measures light by using phone accessory.



Great design teams don't just happen, they are created. In this talk, I focused on how to create team rituals that will nurture, inspire, and grow team spirit and design creativity.



Are you and your team dealing with color update and integrating brand color to product design?

In this article I outlined a framework I created for the color update and explain what we did and why we did it.


Seoul, South Korea

The video documents the work I have produced as a response to the shift occurred in the context of contemporary media - poster has lost its important position in visual communication field, and that the paper poster is dead. My work elevates paper as a medium, going beyond graphic design and situating itself in the field of new media art.

Video of exhibition in Seoul.


2014 — 2017
Master of Visual Communication Design at Aalto University
Helsinki, Finland
2009 — 2013
Bachelor of Graphic and Interactive Communications at University of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia