Abigail S.

Abigail S.

Freelance Researcher in Los Angeles

Side Projects

Self-Hosted Services
  • Managed and maintained webservers and databases running Nginx and MariaDB

  • Set up Cron jobs, service daemons, and routine updates for homelab or Virtual Private Servers

  • Wiki and logging system built with Eleventy and Foam

  • UI/UX prioritizes Web Accessibility Initiative standards


Tech, Climate, and Surveillance at People and Planet over Profit and Plunder
San Francisco State University

Part of a bigger talk encompassing Tech, APEC, and Palestine. The subject of permacomputing sustainability in the tech sector were presented to the audience.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
  • produced and implemented research on data governance and digital rights in El Salvador from conception to implementation

  • contributed to visual outputs based on research findings

  • produced a research plan for completing the research within the required time frame and within budget

  • organized and attended events such as sessions, panels, and workshops for research

  • coordinated research activities with researchers from other country teams

2022 — 2023
Carson, CA
  • Created instructional materials for students in a collaborative environment with other educators

  • Introduced students 3rd to 12th grade in the Swift programing language

  • Set up interactive programming environments for students with iPads and Macbooks

  • Used Sphero Bolt technology to demonstrate scripting in JavaScript through interactive puzzles and mazes

  • Highschool students were introduced to UI/UX design fundamentals for a mockup product

  • Fabrication laboratory experience was utilized to assist students designing objects in Tinkercad

2018 — 2018
Burbank, CA
  • Oversaw execution of critical project milestones for various clients across the U.S

  • Utilized in-house software to track team progress

  • Managed contractors, full-time employees and tracked key responsibilities

  • Identified and mitigated risks within the project scope

  • Maintained concise and efficient communication with engineers working off-site


2017 — 2018
Norwalk, CA

Aside from general responsibilities, I planned and coordinated various competitive collegiate tournaments for Super Smash Bros and League of Legends at Cerritos College. Anxiety Gaming has worked with names such as Imagine Dragons to bring attention to mental health awareness within the gaming community. Partnership with TESPA allowed for opportunities involving Blizzard products.