Luka Marr

Luka Marr

Software designer, he / him


I'm Luka, a software designer and creative tool enthusiast, devoted to empowering others by providing them with access to innovative tools that can shape a better future.

I'm passionate about building systems and products that have a long-lasting value.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

In 2022, I had the pleasure of joining Zora as a Product Designer, embarking on an exciting mission to develop cutting-edge tools for creatives on the blockchain and contribute to the expansion of the global design system.

Within this role, I had the responsibility of building a range of creator-facing tools that included the Create flow, Mint pages, and Profiles. Additionally, I played a vital role in constructing collector-facing tools like the Feed and Trending, as well as implementing social features such as collect boards and following. Furthermore, I focused on growth-oriented features like email collection and personalized recommendations to facilitate user engagement.

In addition to these specific projects, I had the opportunity to contribute to global design initiatives, including the design of a robust global navigation architecture and search functionality.

As a Product Designer at Zora, my dedication was centered around empowering creators, enhancing user experiences, and driving growth through innovative design solutions.

2021 — 2022

In May 2021, I embarked on an exciting journey as the first individual contributor Product Designer at Infobip, entrusted with the pivotal task of crafting a comprehensive design system. Little did I know that this endeavor would evolve into a cornerstone for the transformative 360 redesign overhaul project.

During my tenure at the company, I had the privilege of shouldering the following responsibilities:

• supporting 30+ designers and 100+ developers
• building new components (design system v2.0)
• fixing and restructuring old components (design system v1.0)
• documenting design patterns
• communicating design decisions to developers
• new Figma file workflow
• setting up the new the icon library logic

In August 2022, I left Infobip to pursue new opportunities after making valuable contributions to the organization.

Side Projects


Gem helps people tired of clickbait find articles with adjective based ratings, and control over the algorithm.…


Poster is a handy app that lets you upload snaps to your Instagram account – no mobile device required.…