Lucas Pilzen

Lucas Pilzen

UX-Designer & Product Manager in Berlin, He / His


Hello! 👋

I'm Lucas, working on digital products and projects somewhere in the limbo of UX Designer and Product Manager.

Unfortunately I can't show everything I've done here. To see more work in digital products and prototyping, please send me a request via mail.

We can work together in:
🇩🇪 German (native)
🇺🇸 English (fluent)
🇪🇸 Spanish (fluent)

Side Projects


An application for Webflow's new App Marketplace, providing users a super-customizable and easy-to-integrate dynamic map for their Webflow project.


Klemmbrett is a dynamic note-taking extension designed to enhance your browsing experience and boost your productivity. With Klemmbrett, you can effortlessly create, manage, and access your notes directly in your browser window or in your emtpy tabs.


Testing out the capacities of ChatGPT to code while building a little useful sidekick for navigating large Figma files.


Easy to install code snippet for websites that will show users accessing the page from russian territory an informative banner that bids them to demonstrate against their regime and offers a link to support Ukraine. The banner can be skipped and appears only on the first page load.



Worked on the branding, web design and did the whole web development in Webflow for Maruan from Finally Freelancing.

MDO Design System 1.0 at Medondo AG

I worked on all parts of the design system from the visual and interactional foundations to the actual component creation in Figma, component documentation in Zeroheight to hand-off and implement ready to use and synced Storybook components to the developers. Ensured that the components get used properly in a streamlined design and development process throughout the whole product department.


Complete redesign of a scheduler application for a med-tech company.


I worked on the branding and web design as well as the web development in Webflow for the Munich based greentech / logistics company Glocally.


Product management and as well as requirements engineering, UX-design, dev handoff and project management for a med-tech company.

Patient Portal at Medondo AG

Worked on the requirements engineering, concepting, design and development and hand-off in a patient-to-practice med-tech application.


Worked on multiple parts of the concept and web-development of the Alle Farben website project.


Worked on the website for the coworking space Hafven in Hannover.

Work Experience

2018 — 2020
Co-Founder & Designer at Glücksschmiede
Hannover, Germany
2016 — 2019
IT-Project Manager at Concordia
Hannover, Germany
2014 — 2017
Dual Study Program at Concordia


2014 — 2017
B.A. Business Administration at FHDW Hannover