Neesh Chaudhary

Neesh Chaudhary

Design + Film in Brooklyn, NY, She/her



Combining the concepts of the microplatform, community-driven curation, and extensive process documentation, this project is a direct synthesis of Unun, Present Material, & Door. It is a template to help others create what’s missing.


Designed the Chaos interface. In the summer of 2022, Songcamp formed CHAOS, a “headless band” consisting of 77 global members to write, record, and release 45 original songs. The project earned more than $500,000 in sales and was included on Billboard’s first music NFT chart.

Side Projects


A technicolor manifestation of dread and perpetual lust for collection. A rare hybrid of my skillsets (design/development/filmmaking/photography/writing)



In partnership with Google, Aperture, For Freedoms, and FREE THE WORK, the Image Equity Fellowship aims to support the next generation of image-makers of color.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Public goods on acid.

2021 — Now

The independent creative studio of Neesh Chaudhary. Select clients; Google, Los Sundays Tequila, Rabbithole, Zora, Catalog, Felt Zine, Refraction Festival, Songcamp

2020 — 2023

Our studio is for the misfits who create, deviants who innovate and dreamers who dare tell their stories.

2019 — 2021

Founding product designer at a bootstrapped startup working to bring professional-grade travel planning software to users.

2019 — 2020

Clients : Ball Corp., Coca-Cola, Chick-Fil-A

2018 — 2019
Product Designer at Antonym

Solo product designer at an early stage startup. Clients were blockchain and emerging technology startups.