Lesya Kovalchuk

Lesya Kovalchuk

UI/UX designer in Varna, Bulgaria



Service UFarmer is ready design-concept for agriculture and farmer spheres of Ukraine. It helps seller find customers fast and easy.


Work Experience

2019 — 2022
Kharkiv, Ukraine

During 3 years I was work as a pastry-cook. I had my own home bakery. And my main goal of work was to create individual designs of cakes and desserts.

2013 — 2019
Kharkiv, Ukraine

I started my career in Bart like florist in 2013 and from 2016 I worked there like a managing director. It was great experience. I had different interesting work tasks, like rebranding, opening of floristics school and teaching there, search and communication with European suppliers of decor and fresh flowers, formation advertising and marketing promotion plan, sales plan etc


2022 — 2022


Green Team