James Hou 👋

James Hou 👋

Product Designer in Toronto, Canada, He/Him


I'm a Toronto-based Product Designer with both in-house and agency experience, along with a wealth of knowledge around the very real limitations and constraints of everyday design.

I help early-stage startups successfully bring products to market with end-to-end design. This ranges from foundational brand work, DesignOps, and UX strategy to contemporary product design.

Updated Dec 8, 2022

Work Experience

2024 — Now
2021 — Now

As a mentor, I support, inspire and guide students as they journey toward their exciting new careers as UX Designers. Ensuring students in building portfolios and skills, techniques, and tools that are practical and industry-ready.

2023 — 2024

Working cross-functionally with Dev and PM leads in delivering several new product user experiences with a focus on usability and innovations across iOS, Android and desktop apps. Lay foundation for design token within the design system for consistency across platforms.

2022 — 2022

First in-house design hire of a small talented team. Building foundation UX to better align and scale with business needs. In short, our platform allows users to interview and screen high numbers of candidates fast virtually without the stress of scheduling and no-shows!

2020 — 2022

Working closely with founders by formulating innovative ideas, building teams, and making products that are both memorable and visually bold for our users. Lead a small cross-functional team on delivering designs with a focus on brand and usability.

With a focus on UX, we build tools to elevate the experience for wine collectors and alike by humanizing 3D/AR technology and expanding our B2C and B2B opportunities with scalable solutions.

2019 — 2020

Collaborating with multiple teams on design with a focus on brand development, marketing analytics and experience on the mobile, as well as website pillar structures.

2018 — 2019

Oversees design process from briefing through final product delivery and lead project kickoffs, brainstorming sessions, and client meetings.




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